No more odours and spoiled foods with the LG Side-by-Side Fridge

Keepin’ it cool


By Marissa Chin

No more odours and spoiled foods with the LG Side-by-Side Fridge

You’re in the kitchen hoping to whip up a meal. You open the fridge and reach in for your spinach but find it limp and browning. Wait, didn’t you just get it two days ago? And what is that funky stench that’s hitting you in the face? You swear you already threw out that low-fat yoghurt you promised you were going to eat but forgot a week ago, and it’s still stinking up the whole fridge. Suddenly, take-out seems much more appealing…

Don’t worry, I’ve been there too. 

Before using the LG Side-by-Side Fridge, I wondered if I was storing my groceries all wrong, which led to their rapid demise and the arrival of the unbeatable Fridge Stink Monster. Considering how often I cook at home and my frequent trips to the fridge for snack breaks, the importance of this rectangular metal cooling tank should not be overlooked. Tired of constantly running up my grocery bills to replace foods, I set out to find a fridge for my new home—which is how I got my hands on the LG Side-by-Side Fridge.

After using it for three months, I’m happy to say farewell to wilting produce and foul odours. Equipped with a UVnano Water Dispenser in a gorgeous matte black finish, this smart fridge has several convenient features that make it the ultimate kitchen companion. Ahead, find out how the product helps keep my groceries fresh for longer, its AI-powered features, and more.


Keeping it nice and cool 


One reason why your fruits and vegetables go bad quickly is because your refrigerator isn’t cold enough. Or rather, certain areas of your fridge aren’t. Think about it this way: if air isn’t circulating evenly, pockets of warmer air will form inside the appliance, which leads to food spoiling much more quickly. Therefore, not only is it important to have a fridge that is cold enough to slow down bacterial growth, but it’s also imperative that all parts of the appliance are evenly cool. 

Thankfully, this is one worry that the LG Side-by-Side Fridge immediately kicks to the curb thanks to its DoorCooling+™ technology. With air vents located at the front of the fridge, it sends cold blasts of air to items that are placed near and on the door shelves (notorious places for these warmer spots). This system also provides up to 19 per cent faster cooling rates compared to LG’s Non-DoorCooling+™ models. 


Creating a clean environment


A cold environment is not the only factor in keeping food fresh in the fridge; a clean environment is just as important. In fact, cold air also carries its own health risks as some bacteria and viruses won’t be killed in low temperatures. 

When you’re storing meats, seafood and fresh produce, this becomes all the more important, especially when they start to go bad as bacteria can spread to other foods. This is when the Fridge Stink Monster arrives (and stays).

As someone who constantly worries about cross-contamination, I can rest easy with the LG Side-by-Side Fridge’s HygieneFresh+™. This intelligent air filter can remove bacteria up to 99.999 per cent and is equipped with a powerful fan that sucks in harmful bacteria. The fan is made up of two anti-bacterial charcoal filters, two deodorisation filters and a UV LED. What comes out of it is clean and sterilised air. Due to this, it also minimises bad odour in the refrigerator—we love a two-in-one!


Consistent chill all day long  


So now you know about even cooling, but what about consistent cooling? Having airflow throughout the fridge is one thing, but it won’t mean much if temperatures keep fluctuating. A faulty or inefficient fridge thermostat can be another reason your groceries are deteriorating much more quickly. Luckily, the LG Side-by-Side Fridge has an advanced temperature-sensing system thanks to its Smart Inverter Compressor. 

As a result, the appliance carries out linear cooling with minimal temperature fluctuations of only 0.5 Celsius compared to conventional fridge models that can go up or down as much as 1.5 Celsius. As LG has managed to achieve one of the lowest fluctuations in the market, this ensures that produce can maintain maximum freshness for up to seven days. Considering that I can actually cook and enjoy most of my groceries now compared to before, I can attest to this.

And that’s not all the Smart Inverter Compressor does. For those looking to lead a more sustainable life, the LG Side-by-Side Fridge takes energy efficiency to another level (more on its smart features below) and works silently throughout the day. No more random clunks or weird hummings that get you spooked when you’re home alone.


AI-powered features at your fingertips 


As a smart fridge, the LG Side-by-Side Fridge comes with several features that make it stand out from the rest. For starters, every LG smart product can be connected via the LG ThinQ app, which opens it up to even more useful AI functions. One of my favourites is Smart Care+, which detects your usage and habits for two weeks (such as what times you open the fridge the most) and comes up with a system of reducing temperatures in the fridge by one Celsius one hour before to save energy and maintain a consistent temperature for longer. 

Even when I’m not at home, I’m able to control my refrigerator on my smartphone by setting internal temperatures, controlling HygieneFresh+™ and even nighttime brightness. The app also offers a simple and fast way of troubleshooting potential issues with Smart Diagnosis™, which produces a diagnosis and an immediate solution within seconds.


Convenient and functional storage 


I appreciate that the fridge’s storage compartments are not only spacious but also functional with the freshness of produce as a top priority. For instance, the Fresh Balancer’s main objective is to prolong longevity by controlling moisture levels in the storage boxes. For this, a honeycomb layer is installed which traps moisture in the compartment. If I’m storing fruits, I simply turn the lever to ‘fruits’ and the venting will open up. Conversely, ‘vegetables’ will close the vents to ensure no moisture enters the storage box.


There’s also a Utility Box specifically made to keep products such as medicine and vitamins separate but easily within reach (I like to store my face masks there too—highly recommended!). Apart from that, there are four main shelves that can be easily adjusted in height, as well as a top-down freezer on one side that provides me with plenty of storage.


Fresh water on the go


Another feature I like is the in-built UV Nano Self-Cleaning Water Dispenser which has been getting a ton of use. With UV Nano technology, the water nozzle is automatically cleaned for 10 minutes daily every hour, ensuring clean and sterilised water with the press of a button.

Filling up the water also can’t be any easier. The LG Side-by-Side Fridge comes with a refillable water tank with a four-litre capacity and only requires a push-and-pull function to fit it back into place. In Malaysia’s hot weather, I make cool drinks constantly, so the appliance’s ice-making features come in clutch (read: the number of homemade iced matcha I’ve had is concerning). 


Firstly, the dispenser offers two ice-making options: ice cubes and crushed ice for various iced drinks. With the Express Fresh function, I’m also able to expedite the ice-making process by doubling the ice count whilst making the whole fridge instantly cooler. Perfect for bigger parties and serving guests!

From keeping food fresh all week long and eliminating odours to being energy-efficient due to its array of AI features, the LG Side-by-Side Fridge is a useful and convenient smart appliance to elevate your kitchen adventures.


LG 674L Side-by-Side Fridge (GC-L257CQEL)

MSRP: RM 7,199+/-*

Availability: LG Malaysia’s official retailers and website

*Disclaimer: Please refer to LG’s authorised retailers and official LG e-commerce stores for the latest prices.


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