Is that you Snapchat? WhatsApp launches new ‘Status’ feature

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By Rachel Au

Is that you Snapchat? WhatsApp launches new ‘Status’ feature

The relationship status between Facebook and Snap! may have just turned a shade darker as WhatsApp announced a new feature called ‘Status’ on its blog on Monday. The popular messaging service with over 1 billion users is reinventing the status feature whereby originally a “text only” form will now be available as photos and video clips (yes, complete with emojis, doodles and text) viewable to friends within the app for 24 hours—sound familiar? 

The update, which is billed as long overdue for WhatsApp Status, coincides with the app’s 8th birthday on 24 February and has been launched in the Netherlands and France before eventually going live in the rest of the countries where WhatsApp is available. 

The company also highlighted that all the WhatsApp Statuses are end-to-end encrypted—like your messages. So essentially, it’s like an improved Snapchat feature minus the facial filters. Or is it? Meanwhile, for those who are interested, Snap! is now selling its Spectacles online at


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