Instagram Stories: How to use and why it’s not like Snapchat

Instagram Stories: How to use and why it’s not like Snapchat

Same but different

Text: Rachel Au

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Instagram’s latest update lets you post Stories, which is a slideshow of images that disappears after 24 hours

Every announcement that Instagram makes about an update gets a massive response from around the World Wide Web—the algorithm changes that no one liked, the option to post longer videos that not many people cared, and the latest is a familiar feature called Stories. Yes, isn't that like Snapchat? But the big news is that Instagram's co-founder and CEO, Kevin Systrom himself credited Snapchat for the format in an interview with TechCrunch. We'll give you brownie points for giving credit where credit is due. Moving on, we'd say Instagram Stories is at least not a 100% carbon copy of Snapchat. Here's a rough guide of how it works and why it's not like Snapchat (btw, have you followed us at @buro247malaysia yet?). 

1. Update your Instagram app

Instagram Stories will be rolled out globally over the next few weeks but go ahead and update the app because you might be one of the lucky few who gets it first. 


2. Look for a plus icon in the top left hand corner of your feed

Capture the first part of your Story with either the camera or video icon (if it's not there, then that means it hasn't been enabled for your account yet). Like Snapchat Memories, you can include an old story or video from your Camera Roll by just swiping down. 

Unlike Snapchat, Instagram Stories is a side feature and requires several steps to open it. 

Instagram stories how to use

3. Decorate your picture

There's an "Aa" button to add text or a pen icon to show off your artistic skills. Hit the "Done" button to proceed or tap on cancel or the download icon to either delete or save the picture. 

Unlike Snapchat, there are no fun face filters or adorable stickers (not yet?). The pen tool comes in three different types and one of them has a glow-y outline around the colour. 


4. Now, check out other people's Stories

If the people you follow have a story, their profile photo should have a rainbow ring around it. Note however that the privacy settings for your Story will be the same as your profile. 

Unlike Snapchat, you can hide your Story from selected people (whereas in Snapchat, you'd have to send it to 9/10 people on your list) and they won't receive anything until you deselect them from your settings. Customise it under "Story Settings". 

5. React to other people's Stories (and vice versa)

Want to know where that rose petal shaped ice cream is from in your friend's Story? Ask them by tapping on the "Send Message" button in the bottom left. 

Unlike Snapchat, the text you sent will be saved in Instagram Direct. 


6. You can see who has watched your Story

Like Snapchat.


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