Snapchat introduces its biggest update: Memories

Snapchat introduces its biggest update: Memories

Everlasting snaps

Text: Rachel Au

Image: Snapchat

Snapchat’s newest feature could possibly change its whole game

This seems to be the year of huge changes in the world of social media and technology. Facebook introduced 360 photos, Instagram now accepts longer videos but users' feeds are no longer in chronological order, and Whatsapp has enabled end-to-end encryption for your messages. The latest tech giant to join the crowd is the app of the moment: Snapchat (btw, follow us @buro247malaysia). Its newest feature, Memories, has sent waves across the Internet with some loving the update and some hating it. 

Snapchat Memories feature

What it is: Users can now save their stories and snaps - old or new - for as long as they like as their own personal collection backed up by Snapchat itself (which will be useful when you change to a new device). Sure, you've always been able to save your snaps to the camera roll but with Memories, it's within the app and made simpler with the keyword-driven search technology based on previous captions, locations, emojis, stickers, dates, and even image-identification. From here, you can create new Stories or combine different ones into a longer narrative, which is perfect for anniversaries or birthdays. And for the Memories that are more private, you can lock it with the 'My Eyes Only' option that requires a passcode to view.

On a side note, Memories will even have a "Flashback" search that is similar to Facebook's 'On This Day' feature, showing photos taken at the same time the previous year. The latest Snapchat update is currently available but the Memories feature is rolling out selectively over the next month. You'll know you have it when Team Snapchat sends you a message. 


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