Here’s how the new emojis for Apple iOS 10.2 look like

Shrug, facepalm, avocado


By Rachel Au

Here’s how the new emojis for Apple iOS 10.2 look like

It definitely isn’t hard to look for the emoji we want nowadays because to date, there’s only a total of 1,851 characters—what’s another 72, right? While previous updates may have included both necessary and questionable additions (yes to a unicorn emoji, no to the gazillion flag emojis which we will only use in patriotic times and when travelling to the related country), the upcoming iOS 10.2 will definitely be more welcomed by all. 

facepalm selfie emoji

In keeping with the times, it includes the facepalm, selfie, and avocado (for all your avo-toast and avocado rose Instagram posts). These emojis were first approved by the Unicode Consortium in June and recently made available for the iOS 10.2 beta version only. On the other end of the spectrum, people on the Internet are wondering if it’s the times or the memes that Apple is keeping up with since there’s also a clown and gorilla emoji. 

new female emojis

Moving along, #bossgirls will be thrilled that several professions have been added and a female variation—in all skin tones for both genders—has been included. 

emojis new professions female

Besides new additions, the iOS 10.2 update sees a refresher on some of the old emojis, specifially in the food and transportation section. They will have sharper details, making them look more 3D. 

new food emojis

Besides avocado, a croissant and bacon emoji are among some of the new additions to the food section. 

transportation emoji changes

The official release date for the update is still unknown but it’s expected to be sometime in November 2016. 


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