BURO Gadget Guide: 5 Must-know tech releases from March 2024

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By Amanda Fung

BURO Gadget Guide: 5 Must-know tech releases from March 2024

We’re back with another edition of the BURO Gadget Guide! Each month, we monitor some of the most exciting new tech releases and compile them into this handy guide for you to keep up-to-date with the industry. From Apple’s latest edition of the MacBook Air to the Samsung Bespoke Jet Plus, here are all the need-to-know tech releases from March 2024.



BURO Gadget Guide March 2024, Apple MacBook Air M3

Marking a new chapter for the Macbook Air, this iteration of the iconic laptop features a brand-new M3 chip. Known for being lightweight and thin, the Macbook Air is a perfect fit for those on the go and need a laptop that can integrate seamlessly into their lifestyles. Available in both 13-inch and 15-inch sizes, the Macbook Air can cater to any preferences or needs. It comes with an impressive 18 hours of battery life—though this isn’t a change from the previous M2 model—and can stay silent throughout your use with its innovative fanless design. 

The M3 chip brings with it a ton of power, to say the least. According to Apple, it is up to 1.6 times faster than the original M1 Macbook Air and a whopping 13 times faster than the most powerful Intel-based Macbook Air. The laptop’s CPU, GPU, memory, and more have been combined into the M3 chip with Apple silicon. With that, everything—including your Microsoft 365 and Adobe applications—runs at a higher speed with more efficient power use. If you’re a chronic multitasker, video editor, 3D artist, avid gamer, or coder, this Macbook Air is sure to impress with its enhanced performance capabilities.

BURO Gadget Guide March 2024, Apple MacBook Air M3

As for connectivity, the M3 model allows access to Wi-Fi 6E, an upgrade from the previous Wi-Fi 6. Apple’s Neural Engine also comes into play with its artificial intelligence capabilities, including camera features, speech-to-text functions, and more. It also opens you up to an ecosystem of features in apps that utilise AI. These include AI Math Assistance in Goodnotes and removing background noises in CapCut. 

Gaming also got an upgrade with the M3 chip with Dynamic Caching and the Liquid Retina display with support for one billion colours. The laptop can also support up to two external displays with the lid closed. The base 13-inch model comes with an 8GB Unified Memory, whereas the 15-inch model has a 16GB Unified Memory. Base models in both sizes are equipped with an 8-Core CPU, 10-Core GPU, and 512GB of SSD storage.

Price: The 13-inch Macbook Air with M3 chip starts at RM5,999, whereas the 15-inch Macbook Air with M3 chip is priced from RM6,799.

Availability: Purchase from Apple’s official website or at all authorised resellers.

Find out more on Apple’s website here.



BURO Gadget Guide March 2024, Nothing Phone (2A)

The third phone in the electronic brand’s lineup, the Nothing Phone (2A), is the latest budget smartphone to grace the landscape. This smartphone was made for users who enjoy simplicity with thoughtful design and performance. Powered by a Dimensity 7200 Pro processor that was exclusively co-engineered with MediaTek, the smartphone is built for daily use, giving users the best performance while optimising power efficiency. The 8-core chip and 20 GB RAM with RAM Booster technology also allow for heavy multitasking. Meanwhile, its second-generation 4NM core processor ensures speed. 

Its 5,000 mAh battery is Nothing’s biggest smartphone power unit to date, offering users a whopping two days of use with a single full charge. Compared to the pioneer Nothing phone, this battery has an increased battery longevity period by 25 per cent, as it can maintain over 90 per cent of its maximum capacity even after 1,000 charging cycles. The smartphone also supports 45W Fast Charging, so you can get 50 per cent of power in just 20 minutes.

BURO Gadget Guide March 2024, Nothing Phone (2A)

The Nothing Phone (2A) is fitted out with a 32 MP front camera and a dual 50 MP rear camera. The rear camera is backed by TrueLens Engine technology that uses advanced computational algorithms to make sure every photo taken is as realistic as can be. It also uses Ultra XDR—developed in collaboration with Google—that captures eight frames that have differing exposure levels in RAW format and works to adjust the brightness of each pixel to optimise the result.

Display-wise, the Nothing Phone (2A) has a 6.7-inch flexible AMOLED display with a peak brightness of 1,300 nits. Its refresh rate of 120 H also ensures peak responsiveness while using the phone. As for its software, the phone is equipped with Nothing OS 2.5 and comes with Android 14 out of the box. Nothing OS 2.5 brings includes new widgets, animations, and an AI-powered wallpaper studio so you can create custom looks for your phone. It is available in three colours: black, white, and milk.

Price: RM 1,699

Availability: Available at authorised retailers; find the full list here

Get more information on Nothing’s official website.



BURO Gadget Guide March 2024, samsung Bespoke Jet Plus

A welcome addition to your smart home would be Samsung’s latest edition of the Bespoke Jet Plus vacuum cleaners. It comes with an integrated All-In-One Clean Station that initiates charging and empties out the auto-closing dustbin upon returning the vacuum to its charging port. This automatic ’empty-out dustbin’ system also keeps you free of any contact with dust, mites or contaminants, so your cleaning experience is hassle-free from start to finish.

This lightweight device also comes with a Slim LED brush so you don’t overlook any blindspots and can see even the darkest of corners. For those with furkids at home, the Bespoke Jet Plus comes with a Pet Tool+ attachment with an anti-tangle grinder so you can clean up after your shedding pet easily. This cordless stick vacuum uses its Jet Cyclone technology to efficiently trap 99.999 per cent of dust through a multi-layered filtration system with 210W of suction power. 

BURO Gadget Guide March 2024, samsung Bespoke Jet Plus

Its Digital Inverter Motor spins up to 135,000rpm with 580W of input power to optimise air flow and efficiency all while being lightweight (we’re talking just 1.44kg) and easy to use all over the house. Its digital display also makes checking the vacuum’s status and settings—such as power levels and error notifications—easy and accessible at any point of your cleaning process. 

Price: There are three models available, and prices start at RM3,299.

Availability: Purchase on the official Samsung website.

Learn more about the Samsung Bespoke Jet Plus here.



BURO Gadget Guide March 2024, Garmin Lily 2 series

Another notable tech release from March 2024 is the Lily 2 series, a range of petite and fashion-forward smartwatches. There are two models available: the Lily 2 and the Lily 2 Classic, both of which feature metal watch cases. The Lily 2, which comes with silicon bands, is available in two colours. Meanwhile, the Lily 2 Classic comes in four colourways with either a leather or nylon strap.

Its small size and stylish look will fit right into your daily outfits. You can even mix and match your watch faces and bands to create a custom combination to complement your personal style.  A key highlight of this smartwatch is, without a doubt, its Body Battery energy monitoring. This feature keeps you updated on the best times for your body to rest or be active throughout the day. Moreover, it also provides a sleep score each morning. Each report includes insights on how you can rest better and a review of your sleep stages, heart rate, stress, and more. The Lily 2 series can connect to your smartphone to accurately track stats, receive messages and calls, access emergency contacts, and more. 

BURO Gadget Guide March 2024, Garmin Lily 2 series

As with most smartwatches, the Lily 2 has fitness tracking abilities, with each metric shown on a sleek and minimalistic display. Within the watch, you’ll also find sports apps that can keep your workouts fun and effective, from cardio days to strength training. Its new dance fitness activity can even track various dance genres like Zumba and hip-hop to accurately measure your metrics. For women, the Lily 2 is particularly useful for tracking specific health cycles—such as menstruation and pregnancy—to keep you updated and on the right track with your health and wellness. 

Price: The Lily 2 is priced at RM1,290, while the Lily 2 Classic starts at RM1,450.

Availability: Purchase from the official Garmin website or at authorised retailers.  

For more information on the Lily 2 series, click here.



BURO Gadget Guide March 2024, Narwal Freo X Ultra

Yet another vacuum cleaner on our radar this month is the Narwal Freo X Ultra. It was unveiled at this year’s CES convention, turning heads for its innovative design and exceptional cleaning power. This robotic vacuum has fan rotation speeds of up to 60,000rpm with a U-shaped air duct that delivers a suction power of 8,200 PA. This U-Pipe airflow system increases fan efficiency, collecting and compressing as much dust as possible into its self-contained storage.

Its Zero-Tangling Floating Brush takes care of the universal pet peeve of knotted and entwined hair in a vacuum. Using AI and optical technology, its DirtSense feature detects and analyses dirty floors as it mops to ensure thorough cleaning. With 12N of pressure and a 180rpm rotating speed, the robotic vacuum will continue to scrub away at your messes until they are spotless. On top of that, its Reuleaux Triangular Scrubbing Mops on EdgeSwing mode can ensure even your corners are washed properly. It will also adapt its power and cleaning mode to your floor types, from carpets to tiles. The Freo X Ultra also has the ability to detect when a space hasn’t been cleaned for over a week, which results in the vacuum engaging in a more thorough clean.

BURO Gadget Guide March 2024, Narwal Freo X Ultra

Using LiDAR SLAM 4.0 Integration, the robotic vacuum can effortlessly map out your space with its side lasers and app control. With that, you can rest assured your Freo X Ultra will navigate your space seamlessly day or night, and you can keep track of its progress from wherever you are. The all-in-one base station features touchscreen control—a first in the industry—so it is as easy to use as possible. It automatically washes your mops (and itself) upon return, dries your mop heads while eliminating bacteria and odour, applies cleaning solution from a self-contained reservoir when required, and dries the dust box after it is done washing off your mops.

Price: RM5,299, with a launch promotional price of RM4,399.

Availability: Purchase on the official website or from the Narwal flagship store from 30 March 2024 onwards. 

Find more information on Narwal on its website here.


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