7 Snapchat tips and tricks you didn’t know about

Snapchat wisdom


By Rachel Au

7 Snapchat tips and tricks you didn’t know about

Snapchat has been around since 2011 (did you know that?) but it took a while for this new type of social media platform to gain traction in its birthplace, the United States (what more Malaysia). Fast forward a couple of years, Snapchat has become the app of the now with an astounding number of 100 million daily active users who spend an average of 25 to 30 minutes per day on it, as reported by BusinessInsider. If you’re one of the 100 million who’s looking to step up your game, here are seven Snapchat hacks to help you be more creative with your Snaps. 


1. To insert a longer text

Snapchat hacks - how to add more text

Thought it was hard enough to tweet your thoughts in 140 characters? Snapchat only allows 36 (yes, we counted)-or does it? All you have to do is hit ‘Return’ in your Notes app several times, copy that chunk of blank space and paste it in your Snap to allow more text. 


2. To use black or white colour for your font/draw tool

Snapchat hacks - how to get black white colour

On the front, you see a rainbow bar that excludes the classic black and white colours; but really, it’s just hidden. Open the colour bar, tap and slide your finger all the way down (off the bar itself) to get black. For white colour, do the same but slide to the top left corner. 


3. To have a more colourful font

Snapchat hacks - change text colour

You don’t have to select only one colour for your caption. Tap on your text and use the ‘Select’ option to highlight the alphabet(s) or word to change its colour. 


4. To have a colour filter over your snap

Snapchat hacks - colourful filters

In addition to the existing sepia-ish, toy camera-like and B&W filter, there is now also the favourite ‘Beauty’ filter. But what if you wanted a pink or green colour filter? Look to your emoji keyboard for the emoji with the closest colour you want. Then, enlarge it and move it out of the screen till its now-translucent outline acts as a colour filter. You can even play with a different emojis at the same time. 


5. To get the date filter

Snapchat hacks - date filter

Slide to the time filter and tap on it. Voila, it now displays the date in numerals. Tap on it again. Voila, it now spells out the date. The same trick can be applied to the temperature and speed filter, respectively changing the measurement unit from Fahrenheit to Celsius and MPH to km/h.


6. To apply multiple filters in one Snap

Snapchat hacks - apply multiple filters

What if you want to apply the geofilter and the puking rainbow ‘lens’ and the ‘Double Fast Forward’ filter all at the same time? You can. After applying the first filter, hold the screen with one finger while using another finger to slide to your next desired filter. Repeat. Be warned though; swiping without keeping your finger pressed on the screen will remove all the prior layers. 


7. To check how many Snaps you’ve sent and received 

When you’re in the Camera mode, swipe to the right to where your individual Snaps sent/received to/from individuals usually are. Tap on the word ‘snapchat’ at the top. The first number in the order represents how many Snaps you’ve sent. 


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