The new ‘Suicide Squad’ trailer is out!

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By Buro247

The new ‘Suicide Squad’ trailer is out!

We just can’t seem to take the modern-day anti-hero seriously. First Deadpool, now this. When Suicide Squad was first announced with an eerie teaser, where we caught glimpses of the anti-heroes who would be messing stuff up, the film seemed to be filled with anticipation: would it be as dark as The Dark Knight? Or would it be action-packed with lots of things blowing up?

It seems we were sort-of wrong about both, because the latest trailer for this highly-anticipated release renders Suicide Squad into a comedy. This could only mean one thing: Suicide Squad is either going to be very funny, or very bad (should its humorous side try a little too hard). Harley Quinn – who seems to be a central focus of the film, probably because she’s hot – indeed seems to be trying just a little too hard. 

Watch the trailer below: 

Suicide Squad will be out in Malaysian cinemas on August 5. 


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