This is what your sleep position says about you

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By Marissa Chin

This is what your sleep position says about you

For many of us, sleeping is the best part of the day. After a long day of hustling, it’s so easy to plonk on our beds and pass out without a single thought. You may not think much about how you sleep; on your back or on your side, it really doesn’t matter as long as you get your snooze in. But what if we told you that your preferred sleeping position actually tells a lot about your personality?

According to prolific sleep researcher (sign us up for one of these researches, please) and professor Chris Idzikowsk, he has coined the six primary sleeping positions and the correlation to personality traits through his various studies. The Better Sleep Council (BSC) also ran a survey in 2017 involving over 1,000 Americans and the results also had a similar correlation to Idzikowsk’s research. 

Ahead, here are the six most popular sleeping positions and what they say about you. The next time you head under the covers, you can sleep on whether these personality traits actually resonate with you.



In this foetus position, it literally is what the name suggests. If you like this position, you sleep on your side with your knees bent towards your chest, curled up like a baby snug in their womb. If it weren’t for Idzikowsk, we would’ve named it ‘The Prawn’ instead. 

What it says about you:

Going to bed in this foetal position can mean that you have a soft and sensitive heart. This is due to the fact that you physically shield yourself from the outside world and protect the most vulnerable thing to you: your heart. You also show signs of shyness and are most likely an introvert, preferring to spend some quality alone time under the security of your blanket.



In this position, you lie on your back with both arms down your sides. Similar to The Log, you rarely change your position throughout the night which is great for your partner as you’re not a blanket-hogger! Not to be confused with The Starfish, your legs are kept close together and your head doesn’t tend to go to the side.

What it says about you:

As the name of the position suggests, you exhibit the personality traits of a well-trained and disciplined soldier. You tend to hold yourself and others to high standards and can often be quite critical if you don’t meet the goals you set for yourself. You also show signs of being a reserved and quiet person who prefers chill environments for downtime.



The Freefaller is a position in which you sleep on your stomach with your head to one side and your arms up around your pillow, almost like the position you assume when skydiving. This position is common among millennials and Gen Xs who don’t mind getting their face smushed into their pillows.

What it says about you:

If you often fall asleep in this position, you’re most likely a social butterfly. Some of your positive personality traits include being playful, free-spirited and spontaneous. On the other hand, you can also be brash, outspoken and stubborn, especially when being criticised.



In the log, you sleep on your side with your arms down on your side. Perhaps this is where the phrase ‘sleeping like a log’ comes from. It’s the least popular sleeping position with the BSC citing that only six per cent of Americans prefer sleeping like this. Some people might find it hard to believe that sleeping straight on your side is comfortable, but at least they don’t take up too much space (we love more bed space!).

What it says about you:

If this is your preferred position, you consider yourself to be healthier than most people. This is because you believe that sleeping straight has better health benefits compared to positions where one is bent over. Other than that, you’re also easygoing, sociable and have a tendency to trust others a little too much (read: you’re a gullible soul). 



This position involves you lying on your back with both arms up by your pillow and legs apart. The BSC Survey reports that men tend to prefer this position over women—think the infamous man spread but this time, in bed.

What it says about you:

If you sleep in this position, congratulations, you’re the resident therapist and counsellor in your friendship circle. People tend to go to you with their problems due to your empathetic and supportive nature. You value friendship a lot and are always ready to lend an ear or a shoulder to cry on.



With The Yearner, you lie on your side with one or both arms stretched out in front of you. Another variation would be one arm outstretched while the other is tucked under the pillow. According to the BSC Survey, boomers prefer this position over millennials or Gen Xs, however, there is no clear hypothesis why.

What it says about you: 

If you like sleeping in this position, you’re a complex little creature. You can be easygoing and friendly, but you’re also naturally suspicious of others. With the arms outstretched, it can be inferred that you tend to keep people at a distance. You are also most likely indecisive, but once you make your mind up about something, you stick to it.


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