BURO Spotlights: Puma Motorsport’s first Car Club Event with “Sexyama” Choo Sung-hoon

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By Natalie Khoo

BURO Spotlights: Puma Motorsport’s first Car Club Event with “Sexyama” Choo Sung-hoon

Yesterday, Puma hosted its first ever Car Club Event in Southeast Asia at Sentul Depot, Kuala Lumpur—merging motorsports, style, and entertainment in one space. In line with the brand’s tagline, “Forever Faster”, the event demonstrated Puma’s deep dive into the fast-paced, ever-evolving world of motorsports through immersive experiences, luxury automotive showcases, and thrilling performances.  

Gracing the inaugural event was none other than Puma SEA Motorsport ambassador, global MMA superstar and Netflix’s ‘Physical: 100’ finalist Choo Sung-hoon, or fondly known as Sexyama. He arrived onto the scene in the epitome of style—throwing some energetic punches in the air while dressed in the latest Puma x BMW M Motorsport collection. 


“Sexyama” Choo Sung-Hoon making a grand entrance at the Puma Car Club event.


Apart from Choo, the event also saw a star-studded lineup of industry leaders from Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia who were specially selected to be part of #PumaCarClub community. 

Representatives from Malaysia included Jeremy Lim, Managing Director of Blackbyrd & Dragonfly KL; Huang Ean Hwa, an advertising and marketing veteran who restores classic Porsche-branded cars; Asep Ahmad Iskandar, Festival Director of Art of Speed Malaysia; Dato’ David Gurupatham, Barrister of the Honourable Society of the Middle Temple; Dennis Yin, a Malaysian dancer, host, and influencer; and Remus Chang, Founder and Creative Director of Motorsport Playground and 911 Rebels. 

Guests at the exclusive Car Club Event were treated to action-packed appearances by popular hip-hop dance crew, The Zeppo Youngsterz; BMX Flatland; singer, rapper, and actor Tosh Zhang; as well as activities in collaboration with The Driverz Club (Malaysia) and Horizon Drivers Club (Singapore). Malaysian hip-hop artist Hullera and iconic rock band Pop Shuvit also performed on stage, while DJ Ashley Lau kept the after party going strong with her rhythmic beats. 

Ahead of the adrenaline-pumping show, we caught up with Sexyama to hear his thoughts about Malaysia, motorsports and MMA. Find out what he had to say below and scroll to the end to watch him play a round of Would You Rather! 



Welcome to Malaysia! Is this your first time here and how do you feel so far?

“Yes, it’s my first time. I’ve always wanted to come to Malaysia, but now that I’m finally here, I feel really good about it.” 


Tell us more about your interest in motorsports—have you been a long-time fan?

“I’ve always liked cars and I used to go on drives with my dad when I was younger. That’s how I got into motorsports and I’ve been a fan since.” 


What is your favourite motorsport event and do you have any favourite teams? 

“I’ve always enjoyed Formula One. If there’s one event that I would love to attend and watch, it’s the Monaco Grand Prix—that’s the most exciting one to me. When it comes to teams, I like Ferrari.”


“Sexyama” Choo-Sung Hoon and host Natalie Chai at the Puma Car Club Event in Sentul Depot.


In your opinion, what are the similarities between MMA and motorsports?

“Both MMA and motorsports require a lot of focus. You really need to use a lot of concentration in these two sports and that’s what I like about them.”


What are you most excited for in today’s Car Club Event with PUMA?

“I’ve always wanted to meet and speak to Malaysians, and the fact that I get to do it via this Car Club Event with Puma is amazing. Of course, I hope that this will also inspire more people to be interested in motorsports, no matter your age.” 


What is your favourite piece from PUMA’s latest Motorsports collection?

“Oh, I like these [points to shoes] PUMA x BMW M Motorsport shoes the most.”  



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