12 Malls in KL and PJ that have recently released statements about Covid-19 cases


By Ronn Tan

12 Malls in KL and PJ that have recently released statements about Covid-19 cases

Are you doing your part to fight and combat the Covid-19 pandemic? With the Recovery Movement Control Order (RMCO) in effect until 31 December 2020, Malaysians are now free to move around (including travelling to other states). Of course, we have to be responsible citizens and abide by the standard of procedures (SOPs).

Unfortunately, it also seems like the novel coronavirus cases have been on the rise, including the emergence of new clusters throughout the country. As of 10 October 2020, there are 15,096 confirmed cases of Covid-19 (with 155 deaths).

While Sabah has the highest number of active cases at the moment (followed by Kedah), these specific spots in KL and PJ have also been affected by the virus—as seen with the statements released by the respective malls.

1. Sunway Pyramid

The mall recently revealed that a staff at one of the stores in Sunway Pyramid tested positive for Covid-19 on 26 September 2020. According to the management team, “the case is an isolated case and has been attended to immediately upon identification, together with the affected tenant in full compliance with the Ministry of Health (MOH) guidelines.”

Moreover, sanitisation, disinfection, and deep cleaning were all carried out and completed throughout the premises—”to address the matter effectively and efficiently.” The team at Sunway Pyramid urges everyone to practise good personal hygiene practices as well as stay vigilant.

2. Nu Sentral

According to the mall’s management team, one of their employees “tested positive for Covid-19 on 26 September 2020.” They added that the “Ministry of Health (MOH) has immediately conducted contact tracing and all close contacts including employees of Nu Sentral’s management office have undergone Covid-19 testing.”

The mall revealed that everyone tested negative with the first test results. Even so, all employees are required to be self-quarantined for 14 days. Nu Sentral was thoroughly sanitised in accordance with the Safety and Health Guidelines issued by the MOH on 26 September 2020.

3. The Linc KL

On 24 September 2020, the mall announced that a parent of a child at a school in The Linc has tested positive for Covid-19. The management said that the “child is on a half-day [programme] until noon and last attended school on 17 September.” They added that they “have taken all necessary preventive measures to contain the risk of exposure.”

Moreover, it was also announced that the school is now allowed to resume operations beginning 25 September and that “all teachers at [the school], who are possibly second-generation contacts of the said parent, have all tested negative for Covid-19.” To ensure the safety and well-being of [their] customers, staff, and tenants, The Linc will continue to implement increased preventive measures.

4. Suria KLCC

According to the Suria KLCC management, a member of a gym in the mall tested positive for Covid-19 on 23 September 2020 and has “since been appropriately isolated.” They also added that “staff and members of [the gym] who had close contact with the affected member have undergone Covid-19 test and were also instructed to self-quarantine at home under the Home Surveillance Order as advised by the Ministry of Health (MOH).” Good news is that the test results were all negative for 24 September and 25 September.

Sanitisation and disinfection exercises were completed immediately and Suria KLCC “continues to take proactive and preventive measures to maintain high levels of cleanliness and hygiene throughout the mall.” You can read more about the gym’s updates here.

5. KL Gateway Mall

Unlike the previous four cases on the list, the individual involved in the suspected case actually tested negative. It was previously announced that the person was in close contact with a Covid-19 patient that just returned from Sabah. As patrons’ safety and well-being are of their utmost priority, the mall will continue carrying out disinfection and cleaning exercises.

6. 1 Utama

The mall management revealed on 5 October 2020 that a staff from one of the stores in 1 Utama has tested positive for Covid-19. Now under the care of a government hospital, the staff hasn’t been in the mall since 30 September. This is the first ever isolated case in 1 Utama since the outbreak.

In response to the incident, the management immediately closed and deep-cleaned the affected store. C0-workes have also been placed under strict quarantine. According to management, they have also conducted “thorough sanitisation of [the] mall including AHU rooms (air handling units), public areas, amenities, lifts, escalators, toilets, baby room, back of house facilities, and all other heavy touch points.”

Closing from 11 October 2020 onwards, the Ministry of Health will be carrying out detailed Covid-19 contact tracing exercise for 1 Utama. “Facilities have been set up for all 1 Utama staff and tenant staff to undergo tests” and “the mall will reopen once test results are received.”

7. Paradigm Mall

A staff at one of the mall’s store has tested positive for Covid-19. After being “contacted and notified by the Ministry of Health (MOH) that his roommate had tested positive for Covid-19”, the staff “applied for medical leave commencing from Saturday, 3 October 2020, to undergo testing himself and did not report to work nor enter the mall since last reporting to work last Friday.”

It was also announced that a thorough sanitsation process was immediately taken and multiple preventive measures and mitigation steps have continuously been practiced.

8. Setia City Mall

On 8 October, the mall management revealed that a member in the mall’s gym “has self-declared as a Covid positive case.” The gym’s team that were on duty “have undergone the Covid test and will observe a 14-day self-quarantine.” Along with frequent disinfection and cleaning procedures, the mall has also commissioned a specialist deep cleaning of the gym.

9 & 10. The Gardens Mall and Mid Valley Megamall

Mid Valley Megamall and The Gardens Mall revealed on 11 October 2020 that an employee from a company that has stores in both malls has tested positive for Covid-19. The staff self-isolated after informing management that family member “was exposed to the virus.”

According to the malls, “she did not exhibit any symptoms of Covid-19” but “arrangements were made for her to take the Covid-19 test.” The positive test result was announced on 11 October 2020. Throughout the entire two malls (as well as the affected stores), sanitisation and disinfection were conducted.

Update (13 October 2020):

The management of The Gardens Mall announced that the said staff “had a false positive result on her Covid-19 test, after undergoing further tests in Sungai Buloh Hospital.” You can read more about the company’s statement here.

It was revealed on 12 October 2020 that a staff in a store in Mid Valley Megamall tested positive for Covid-19. The said staff “has not been at work since clocking out on 8 October 2020.” The outlet is now closed for cleaning and disinfection until further notice.

11. Bangsar Shopping Centre

A staff member at an outlet tested positive for Covid-19 and the mall will be closed temporarily. On duty on 6 October 2020, the staff “was not showing any symptoms” at that time and “has not been in BSC since.”

All staff are “undergoing Covid-19 testing in full compliance with the Ministry of Health (MOH) guidelines” and BSC will close temporarily “to undertake intensive sanitisation throughout the mall.” It will reopen for business on 12 October 2020.

12. 3 Damansara

The mall management revealed on 11 October 2020 that a “security personnel stationed at the mall’s Fire Command Centre has tested positive for Covid-19.” After a household member tested positive, the said employee has not returned to work since 9 October 2020. The mall has increased the frequency of disinfection and cleaning—including “in common areas within the mall and office block.”

Let’s all work together as collective to keep the country safe and free from Covid-19. It might seem like a massive challenge but as long as we all do our parts, we can keep the numbers as low as possible. Make sure to follow all SOPs—such as getting your temperature taken as well as checking in with the MySejahtera or Selangkah apps.

Wear your mask at all times when you’re in public and remember to practise social distancing. Yes, at least one metre apart. In addition, if you’ve travelled to any high risk zones, make sure you self-quarantine for 14 days. Stay safe and keep well, everyone!

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