#InstaLove: Avocado roses and how to make them

A clean bloom


By Rachel Au

#InstaLove: Avocado roses and how to make them

No one really knows the secret to making anything online go viral but as far as trends go, healthy living is currently high on the list so it’s not difficult to see why making roses out of avocados are a welcomed treat on anyone’s Instagram feed; even inclining most to try creating a bloom out of the superfood. After all, it’s already a common favourite in most Instagram photos of someone’s healthy breakfast/lunch/snack/dinner and now it’s time to take that love to the next level of creativity: Avocado roses.



Have it on toast.


Top it on your sandwich/McMuffin.


Have it on the side with your breakfast.

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Put it in your salad bowl.


Have it with your vegan sushi bowl.

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How to make an avocado rose.


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