8 Things to know about GuavaPass now that it’s here in Malaysia

No excuses now


By Rachel Au

8 Things to know about GuavaPass now that it’s here in Malaysia

There’s no excuse to not exercise when you’re travelling anymore because GuavaPass has officially launched in Malaysia. If you’re unaware of this fast-growing lifestyle and fitness platform, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about it below:


1. An app-based platform that began its operations in early 2015, GuavaPass grants users access to over 100,000 premium fitness classes at over 2,000 boutique studios across 11 global cities: Abu Dhabi, Bangkok, Beijing, Dubai, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Seoul, Shanghai and Singapore. 

guavapass in malaysia

2. With Kuala Lumpur now in its portfolio, GuavaPass has partnered up with some of the local studios such as Firestation, F45, YogaOneThatIWant, Fuel Athletics, Be Urban Wellness and KOA Fitness.


3. Membership options in Malaysia start as low as RM89 per month. They currently offer a grand opening deal which starts from RM49 for three classes. 


4. The options range from Class Packages to Unlimited memberships as well as flexible pause features and easy cancellation policies. 

guavapass kuala lumpur price

5. Members will have access to GuavaPerks where they’ll be able to enjoy deals and promotions from their health and fitness industry partners. 


6. The GuavaPass app allows users to plan their fitness schedules up to ten days in advance, making it easy to attend, book and explore every available class on the platform. 


7. They also offer corporate membership rates and GuavaPass gift cards. 


8. You can check out or join GuavaPass Kuala Lumpur on their website.


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