3 Places that offer unique yoga classes in Kuala Lumpur

3 Places that offer unique yoga classes in Kuala Lumpur


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To celebrate International Yoga Day, we've rounded up some of the coolest places in town that give this stretchy workout a whole different kind of Zen

From downward-facing dogs to warrior poses to Bakasanas, the world of yoga is both fluid and extensive. The list of asana postures out there is almost never-ending and hence, there are various kinds of yoga classes. International Yoga Day was made official only in 2014 by the United Nations for the purpose promoting global health and well-being as well as to honour India's ancient tradition.

In Malaysia, yoga is becoming more popular with wider variety of classes and studios, while community classes happen quite frequently on the weekends to introduce the workout to beginners. If you're looking to take your asanas to the next level, here are a few gyms and yoga studios in Kuala Lumpur that offer something different.


1. Fly Yoga at Aravind Yoga Studio, Plaza Damas

Now this is literally taking yoga to the next level as Fly Yoga requires you to truly let go and trust in the silk as you challenge the different poses. On one hand, it's easy to get into position as you can rely on the silk to help you go upside down; but on the other, it's hard to tell your body to just 'fall' forward. Check out what the team thought about the class at Aravind Yoga Studio in last month's #FitnessFriday.


2. Inversions and Arm Balancing Yoga at BE Urban Wellness, [email protected]

Unlike Fly Yoga, this class will also take yoga to the next level - but with the help of your own arms. While some places might teach headstands with the use of props or the wall, the instructor of this class isn't much of a believer of those. That makes for a tougher challenge but because of that, the accomplishment will taste even sweeter. Read what the team thought about the session at BE Urban Wellness in this month's #FitnessFriday.


3. Hot Yoga at LavaBody, Desa Sri Hartamas

Turn up the heat because the body becomes more flexible during a hot yoga class, making it easier to get into the poses. Besides that - and the usual benefits of a standard yoga session - some practitioners have said that it helps with weight loss too. LavaBody is Malaysia's first Far-Infrared (FIR) hot yoga studio, which they affectionately dubbed as the 'Hot Lava Cave'. The place uses specialised heating panels and pure volcanic rocks to help create a natural anti-oxidant environment.


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