Earth Hour: 7 Things you can do in the dark

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By Rachel Au

Earth Hour: 7 Things you can do in the dark

This year marks the 10th Earth Hour and it’s the biggest global environmental event where all you have to do is switch off your lights from 8.30pm to 9.30pm. In 2015, a total of 172 countries and territories participated in the movement, which was a record-breaking number. 


Since its first inception in 2007, more organisations and even landmarks have joined in by going dark. But Earth Hour doesn’t just apply to high energy consuming skyscrapers, one common household doing it also makes a difference. As we’re used to having the lights and switches turned on at night, one hour might seem like a long period of time but you don’t have to sit in the dark and feel bored. Here are seven fun things you can do with your family and friends in or outside of your house. 


1. Have a candlelit dinner for two or a party of friends/family

Schedule dinner at 8.30pm and cook up a feast to be ready by Earth Hour. You can try new recipes for the occasion and even serve wine or champagne for an intimate get-together session-how often does that happen, right? Challenge it further by having a strict rule of no phones allowed at the dinner table. 


2. Organise a game night

There’s something about board games that entice our inner child and it’s these traditional forms of entertainment that can really spark a different kind of fun that you otherwise wouldn’t receive with just say, video games or catching up over coffee. So gather your Monopoly, Taboo, UNO or whichever game of your choice; and candles, of course. 


3. Have a ghost story-telling session

Nothing is spookier than exchanging horror stories in silent darkness (or with a single candle in the middle of the room) and if that kind of adrenaline is your thing, this makes the best time to do it.


4. Netflix and chill (literally)

Snuggle (or cuddle) up on the couch with either your favourite movie or a new TV series and a bowl of your favourite snacks. Before you know it, Earth Hour would have come and gone. If you’re up for it, we dare you to specifically put on a scary movie. 


5. Celebrate it at the National Planetarium

Question: Have you ever visited our local planetarium? Now would be a good time to visit it as they’re hosting A [email protected] in conjunction with Earth Hour where there will be various activities which include a Night Walk, night observation of the moon and a screening of The Martian. And it’s a free admission event. 


6. Go stargazing

Prefer to gaze at the celestial stars in the open? You don’t necessarily need a telescope; just take a nature walk or drive to a lookout point. It can be quite meditative as well. 


7. Practise yoga

Find inner peace in the quiet and set the mood with some scented candles as you do your yoga poses. Follow up with a relaxing bath and your mind, body and soul will thank you for that mini pampering session. 


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