Buro Tries: Making a terrarium with Ohsum Mossum Terrariums

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By Rachel Au

Buro Tries: Making a terrarium with Ohsum Mossum Terrariums

There’s something about terrariums that make them so likeable. At a glance, they’re just enclosed plants in a jar that require minimal care yet have a thriving appearance to make for a cool decor piece anywhere in the house or on a workstation. This assumption is only half accurate which is something we, and Sheena Liam who joined us, only realised after participating in a terrarium-making workshop with Ronnie Khoo of Ohsum Mossum Terrariums at Awesome Canteen in Taman Paramount.



Ronnie primarily creates and customises terrariums for sale but he also regularly hosts workshops for people to learn and make their own. However, he didn’t start out as a Mossiah, as was written on his apron during our session, but was actually an engineer for 15 years before leaving that career path for a mossy road towards his passion and so far, it has brought him, and the people he meets in the name of terrariums, much joy.

Buro Terrarium workshop with Ohsum Mossum and Sheena Liam

Of course, making them can be both an easy and complicated task. One wrong step can alter the look of the final product, but generally, the steps are simpler than you might think. Executing it, however, could be tricky as the moss can be quite fragile. While they don’t need a lot of tender care, one thing’s for sure: they’re still plants and thus, as Ronnie believes, they would require some attention for them to keep looking their best. Take a look at the video of our terrarium-making workshop with Sheena and Ronnie below.

Buro Tries - Ohsum Mossum Terrariums and Sheena Liam

Rachel Au, Lifestyle Writer

Personally, I’ve always wanted to own a terrarium but not so much on making them. Not that I minded and the workshop definitely enlightened me a great deal about the different kinds of terrariums out there and the different plants used for them. I also realised that planning what landscape you’d want for your terrarium isn’t easy. Hence, I went with the easier (and slightly boring) flat landscaping but maybe I’ll challenge a mini hill in the middle for my next terrarium. 


Jasmine Yeap, Marketing Executive

I thought the instructor was really well prepared and he knew his stuff! It was a joy being a part of the class as he was very patient and friendly. It was also my first time learning how to make a terrarium and now I think I’d like to continue learning more! It’s fun, interesting and something different from what we usually do in our city life here in KL. It’s definitely a good activity to pass time and the best part is, we get to bring home our masterpiece!


Check out Ohsum Mossum Terrariums on their Facebook page or Instagram for updates of his terrariums for sale or upcoming workshops. 


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