BURO. Hangouts: Live—featuring cool conversations, creative challenges and cool characters


By Rachel Au

BURO. Hangouts: Live—featuring cool conversations, creative challenges and cool characters

We recently hosted our first virtual event, BURO. Hangouts, a collaboration with our colleagues at BURO Singapore and friends of BURO from both countries. ICYMI: We recorded some of our sessions here. Following its success and the interests it sparked, we’re continuing on with…

BURO. Hangouts: Live

For the whole month of April and May, we’ll be curating a series of IG Live sessions on @buromalaysia with tastemakers, influencers and rightful experts in various industries.

Our purpose: To make staying at home, isolation and social distancing just a bit easier, as well as connecting all Malaysians riding out the current CMCO. We’ll share meaningful—and important—conversations and entertain with creative challenges.

Without further ado, let us present our line-up for the next two weeks. We’ll be taking a break over Raya as we understand it’s a time especially reserved for loved ones.

WEEK 7 & 8

Fashion 411 with: Jasmine Chong

Tuesday 19th May @ 8:30pm

The road to becoming a fashion designer is not easy. For Jasmine Chong, she did that and made a name for herself in New York. Find out what it took, the challenges with inclusivity, and what it’s like to be in NYC during a pandemic.

#BUROBeautyBattle featuring: Jasmine Suraya

Thursday 21st May @ 8:30pm

We’re back with another seemingly impossible beauty challenge! We’re daring actress Jasmine Suraya to do a look with only one make-up product. Help us decide the winner that night!

Beauty Chatroom starring: Natalie Prabha

Thursday 28th May @ 8:30pm

If you’ve always been curious about vegan beauty and diet, model Natalie Prabha has all the answers for you. She’ll even take us through her favourite beauty products and give us a kitchen tour too!

#StayAtHome with: Sean Lee

Saturday 30th May @ 2:00pm

You’re not the only one who has been obsessed with TikTok. They’re fun to watch and even more fun to do. Content creator Sean Lee will be hanging out with us to show you a complete guide to TikTok Challenges.


In the Dressing Room with: Yaya Zahir

Tuesday 12th May @ 6:00pm

Always wanted to steal Yaya Zahir’s style? Here’s your chance as she takes on the classic white shirt, multiple ways challenge. Hello, outfit ideas for coming Zoom meetings!

Beauty Chatroom starring: Att Yusof

Thursday 14th May @ 8:45pm

Prep your skin in time for Raya and score makeup tips for your Zoom Reunions! Makeup artist Att Yusof has a whole lot of other beauty advice to share—only on @buromalaysia!

#RealityCheck with: Datuk Nicol David

Saturday 16th May @ 11:00am

These days, it’s easy to feel lost and lose motivation. Datuk Nicol David has much to share about maintaining perseverance and finding strength in tiresome moments. How did she do it? There’s only one way to find out!

So what do you have to do and how do you join?

Just show up on the dates and times mentioned above at @buromalaysia on Instagram. We’ll take care of the rest.


Fashion 411 with: Nelissa Hilman

Tuesday 5th May @ 8:45pm

How do you juggle a new baby and a business in the midst of a pandemic? And how would the shoe closet of a founder of a popular Malaysian footwear label look like? Nelissa Hilman reveals all!

Beauty Chatroom starring: Juno Ko

Thursday 7th May @ 8:30pm

Cutting your own bangs at home is tempting, but risky. What if a professional hairstylist guides you through? Red from Team BURO rises to the live challenge under the instructions of Juno Ko. P/S BURO Malaysia will not be responsible for the outcome!

#RealityCheck with: Hannah Yeoh, MP Segambut

Saturday 9th May @ 2:00pm

The MCO is a difficult time for all, including single mothers and DV victims who could be stuck at home with their abusers. Tune in as YB Hannah Yeoh shares her thoughts and possible solutions to all the hard questions.

So what do you have to do and how do you join?

Just show up on the dates and times mentioned above at @buromalaysia on Instagram. We’ll take care of the rest.


Fashion 411 with:Sheena Liam

Tuesday 28th April @ 8:30pm

Moving on to the ‘New Norm’, Sheena Liam shares the reality behind her modelling career and what it’ll look like after the pandemic. All this, plus a few of her snazzy camera tricks in this session.

Beauty Chatroom starring: Ummi Nasir

Thursday 30th April @ 8:45pm

Ready for a One-Brush-Only Makeup Challenge? Team Buro takes on makeup artist Ummi Nasir in this live show that’s packed with great beauty tips and a lot of laughs!

Quaran-Time Qs with: Kenny Lim of Befrienders KL

Saturday 2nd May @ 2:00pm

Has your mental health taken a toll due to the MCO and COVID-19 pandemic? Kenny Lim, executive director of Befrienders KL has some great advice that could help you or someone you know. Tune in and ask any Qs that have been keeping you up at night!

So what do you have to do and how do you join?

Just show up on the dates and times mentioned above at @buromalaysia on Instagram. We’ll take care of the rest.

Psst… BURO. Hangouts: Live will be returning for the whole month of May too! Stay tuned for the line-up.


Fashion 411 with: Izrin Ismail of Innai Red

Tuesday 21st April @ 8:30pm

What’s next for this homegrown fashion label? From high fashion to medical-grade PPE, Izrin Ismail reveals how she’s taking MCO challenges and changes in stride.

Fashion 411 with: Khoon Hooi

Wednesday 22nd April @ 8:30pm

Overnight, he switched his entire team into PPE production mode. Khoon Hooi gives us a closer look at how the industry has evolved since the pandemic and what’s the new way forward in fashion.

Beauty Chatroom starring: Alicia Tan

Thursday 23rd April @ 8:30pm

Step into Alicia Tan’s beauty closet and score top makeup and skincare tips. Bonus: her amazing skin secrets (and more), revealed!

#StayAtHome with: Simon Webbe

Saturday 25th April @ 8:30pm

Did you know Simon Webbe from the iconic boyband Blue collaborated with local DJ duo BATE for the electrifying ‘Casino Royale’ song? The music video was also shot in KL! Come hangout for an intimate chat and loads of fun Q&As with the star.

So what do you have to do and how do you join?

Just show up on the dates and times mentioned above at @buromalaysia on Instagram. We’ll take care of the rest.


Fashion 411 with: Sasibai Kimis of Fashion Revolution

Tuesday 14th April @ 8:30pm

Shopping for clothes is easy, but it’s hard to tell if they were made ethically or sourced sustainably. Sasibai Kimis gives us the lowdown in this IG Live session.

RECAP: How to shop ethically during and after MCO, according to Sasibai Kimis

Fashion 411 with: Celest Thoi

Wednesday 15th April @ 8:30pm

From wedding gowns to PPE hospital gowns, get a behind-the-scenes look with Celest Thoi and how the fashion business has changed in light of the current pandemic.

RECAP: Talking COVID-19 and all things bridal with Celest Thoi

Beauty Chatroom starring: Emily Quak

Thursday 16th April @ 8:30pm

Pack your makeup bags! Beauty guru Emily Quak will be revealing her tried-and-tested tricks to mastering makeup for Asian features. Don’t miss out!

RECAP: The best beauty tricks by Emily Quak


For one Saturday only, we have quite the line-up prepared for your wellbeing—physically, mentally and emotionally. Also, a special thank you to Oh Cha Matcha for delivering a healthy (and delicious) care package to our panel of Health-perts. Matcha-appreciated!

Yoga & Breathwork with: Jojo Struys

Saturday 18th April @ 11:00am

Start your weekend right. Realign both your body and mind with yoga asanas and gentle breathing exercises led by Jojo Struys, founder of OhanaJo.

WATCH: How to do breathwork on your own and why it’s important

Quaran-time Qs with: Linora Low

Saturday 18th April @ 2:00pm

It may seem hard to take care of your body and diet while practising social distancing but wellness coach Linora Low thinks otherwise. Tune in for her best tips and advice.

Sweat It Out with: Linora Low

Saturday 18th April @ 5:00pm

Linora shows how easy it is to exercise at home with no gym equipement! Bring along a chair, a backpack filled with books and two large hand towels for a fiery 30-minute workout session.


Fashion 411 with: Melinda Looi

Tuesday 7th April @ 8:30pm

Malaysian fashion designers have joined forces to produce PPE hospital gowns for our front liners. Join us and Melinda Looi for the full story.

ICYMI: Watch the recorded IG Live session with Melinda here

#BUROBeautyBattle featuring: BURO’s Beauty team

Thursday 9th April @ 8:30pm

After weeks of no makeup, BURO’s Beauty pros—Wei Yeen and Red—put their skills to the test in a no-mirror makeup challenge. They’re confident. Us? Not so much. Tune in for the live results.

ICYMI: Guess who won?

Quaran-Time Qs with: Dr. Jason Leong

Saturday 11th April @ 2:00pm

Is the Internet confusing you with COVID-19 facts and myths? Don’t miss out on doctor-comedian, Dr. Jason Leong’s honesty (and humour) plus loads of practical advice surrounding the topic.

ICYMI: Here’s what went down

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