Malaysian fashion designers are sewing PPE for healthcare frontliners. Here's how you, too, can help

Malaysian fashion designers are sewing PPE for healthcare frontliners. Here's how you, too, can help


Text: Joan Kong

Spearheaded by the Malaysian Official Designer Association (MODA), our local fashion designers are joining forces to combat the COVID-19 pandemic

With the number of COVID-19 cases in Malaysia on the rise (as of April 1, there are a total of 2,908 cases and 45 deaths recorded), the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) supply for the healthcare personnel is also diminishing rapidly, and our local fashion industry is ready to step up to help. Spearheaded by the president of the Malaysian Official Designer Association (MODA) Melinda Looi, a fundraiser to purchase more PPE supplies has been launched in partnership with FashionValet and IMARET

Focusing on purchasing hospital gown fabrics and other PPE including latex gloves, and head and shoe covers for the healthcare frontliners, the campaign—initially meant to be a private project among the designers at MODA—has now expanded beyond the association. Local fashion designers including Khoon Hooi, Celest Thoi, Alia Bastamam, FiziWoo and more are using their skills to help sew the hospital gowns which will be distributed by IMARET to its network of hospitals.

If you’d like to contribute, you can donate to:

1. MODA’s Maybank account and state 'MODA_PPE' as reference
2. MODA’s e-wallet accounts (the QR codes can be found here)

Aside from the campaign by MODA, Datuk Radzuan Radziwill and Jovian Mandagie have also initiated their own projects to boost the PPE supply for medical frontliners. The former started a "Jom Menjahit Sambil Beramal Di Rumah", while the latter has transformed his atelier to produce hospital gowns. On top of that, the brand also worked on delivering "hygiene kits" consisting of disposable face masks, hand gloves, and sanitisers to those who are in need.

There’ll be a BURO. Hangouts Live session with fashion designer and president of MODA, Melinda Looi on April 7 at 8.30pm. Stay tuned for more details.