Here’s what you need to know about Blackpink’s highly-anticipated comeback and solo member promotions


By Marissa Chin

Here’s what you need to know about Blackpink’s highly-anticipated comeback and solo member promotions

The drought is over. Blinks (the name for Blackpink’s fans) can rejoice at the fact that the OT4 has reunited and will not only have a comeback album but they’ll have plans stretching all the way to September 2020. “Good things come to those who wait”—these words have never rung more true than to Blinks who have waited for more than a year since the quartet’s last comeback, ‘Kill This Love’, in April 2018.

The spunky girl group debuted back in 2016 but four years on, Blackpink has yet to release a full-length studio album, only promoting singles and EPs in between long intervals, which didn’t do much to quell the hunger of fans for more content–then again, YG Entertainment does not exactly have the best track record in keeping their promises. Case in point: the situation regarding solo comebacks for each member. Jennie made her solo debut back in 2018 with the rest of her members supposedly following suit but alas, radio silence.

But with Blackpink’s recent press release on June 1, fans are thinking they might actually get what they’ve been promised this time as the agency tackled both topics head-on. Here is a summary of the exciting plans in store for the quartet:

  • Blackpink’s first full-length studio album is complete and will comprise of more than ten songs slated to release this September
  • Their comeback will roll out in three-parts: their pre-release single track ‘How You Like That’ coming out on June 26, another single in a special format (YG representatives were still hush-hush about this) to be released in either July or August with the concluding part being the album itself in September
  • Solo member plans will go according to the order of Rosé, Lisa and Jisoo
  • Rather than a digital single, Rosé will be releasing multiple solo songs via an album format
  • Lisa has finished her solo recordings with Jisoo’s currently in progress
  • Solo member promotions will only begin after the release of the full-length album

To ramp up the excitement even more, YG Entertainment took to their Twitter to reveal stunning concept photos of each member for the comeback on June 16.

Most recently, another set of concept photos were released with the four members sporting completely different looks but still altogether a cool combination of femininity and badassery.

Here are some Twitter reactions to the exciting comeback news: 

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