Could these be the best destinations in the world for wedding photos?

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By Gwen Ong

Could these be the best destinations in the world for wedding photos?

You’re in love and you want to shout it out to the world, so what do you do? One of the simplest yet often complex ways to immortalise your affection for each other is through photographs. Each shot has to speak of the relationship and how far you’ve come. Hence, destination photos have become part of a pre-wedding requisite in the last decade as couples take the next step forward in their lives together.

But not just any location will do as the best of the best destination photo contest showcased. Organised by Junebug Weddings, a number of stunning images have been submitted by photographers from around the world and presented for our viewing pleasure. With breathtaking backdrops and clever play of lights, shadow and colours, these wedding photos celebrate the beauty of both love and destinations. Kudos to the professional shutterbugs.

Take a peek below and get inspiration for your wedding photography:

Head over here if you want to see more ‘best of the best’ destination photos.

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