6 Amazing wedding photographers in Malaysia

Snaps to last a lifetime


By Rachel Au

6 Amazing wedding photographers in Malaysia

A few months ago, there was a trending topic revolving around the quality of wedding photographers and the price tags of their services. Many agreed that the photos are worth it. It’s an investment because while the garden-themed location will look breathtaking, the seven-course dinner will be indulgent and all the decorations (flowers included) will be super Instagram-worthy, it’s the photos (and a good wedding photographer) that will immortalise your special day—and you wouldn’t want horrible pictures to reminisce a beautiful occasion, right? Here are seven of Malaysia’s best wedding photographers for your kind consideration.


1. Anna-Rina

With more than eight and a half years of experience as a full-time wedding and portraits photographer, Anna-Rina has made a name for herself in the local photography scene. With minimal photo editing or filters, her photography style focuses more on emotions and candid moments that will make you, the clients, smile.

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2. Edwin Tan


Dramatic angles and vivid colours with a soft focus is Edwin Tan’s photography style, as displayed in his portfolio. Often tasked with pre-wedding shoots, especially destination ones, Edwin is a perfectionist yet unobtrusive so your photos will look natural yet one of a kind.

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3. Daren Chong

Daren Chong’s photography style is simple, effortless yet amazing. Look through his past work and you’ll find two of his magic formulas: new and playful angles, and brilliant depth of field. Because his composition is unique enough and he’s skilled with the technicalities of the camera, the photos are only given a light editing job.

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4. #hellojanelee

Check out that hashtag on Instagram and you’ll find a glorious flow of gorgeous wedding photos filled with vibrant colours, intimate moments, and a mix of elegant composition and cheeky snaps. Also, if you’re a fan of #vscocam, she’s The One. Jane’s website is currently down for maintenance  but you can contact her via email or Instagram. Also, her packaging for the final prints is something to look forward to.



5. MunKeat

Coming from a family background of cameras and photography, MunKeat’s shooting style is very much influenced by the historic film era with a touch of fine art portraiture. And that classic accent is evident in his photos with some having an extra dreamy touch to them.

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6. Jenny Sun

A pretty popular figure in the wedding industry, Jenny Sun has an eye for romantic and magical photos and while she’s based in Sydney, the wedding photographer was actually born in Malaysia and thus frequents between Australia and KL for projects (but not limited to these places).

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