5 Cool journals to keep for an inspirational 2016

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By Rachel Au

5 Cool journals to keep for an inspirational 2016

Where did 2015 go? That question does pop up in our minds sometimes and if you’re the same, we think a little change is in order. The challenge: starting a journal. It’ll help you learn to realize (and remember) the smaller things in life — which are also some of the happiest moments in a day.

Don’t let your busy schedules stop you from it though as these journals don’t require you to write lengthy pages describing your day; instead it’s more fun. Take a look below! 


If you like Facebook’s On This Day: The Happiness Project One-sentence Journal

Ever read (or watch) One Day where you only know what happens to the two characters on a specific date of every year? This journal is like that; except you document 365 days for five years, recording 1,825 moments in a single sentence for each entry. Trust us; you’ll be amazed when you read back on that completed journal. 

Happiness Project One Sentence Journal


For a better outlook in life: Mindfulness Journal

Did 2015 feel like it was completely out of your control? Feeling anxiety is never fun but jotting down how certain things made you feel could help. Practising mindfulness can not only improve your productivity, focus and self-awareness, but also help you change any unhealthy habits. As a bonus, this journal also comes with tips, meditation exercises, techniques and monthly reflection pages to help you learn to live in the moment.

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If you’re not good at keeping a daily journal: The 52 Lists Project

Make 2016 all about finding and developing yourself as this journal of weekly lists prompts you to reflect on your views, likes, dislikes and more. There are also challenges to help you try new things and make your dreams a reality (finally!). Paired with gorgeous photography and illustrations, we think it’ll be hard not to fall in love with it.

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For a couple’s project: Our Q&A a Day: 3-Year Journal for 2 People

Everything is more fun when you’re doing it with someone. Consider this as you and your partner creating a three-year time capsule of your relationship by jotting down one-sentence answers together to prompts like “Where would you like to travel with your partner?” or “What does your partner’s laugh sound like?”. With 365 days worth of prompts, fill it in and see if your answers change through three years.

Our Q and A a day


If you want to be more creative: Do One Thing Every Day That Inspires You

You’ve heard that inspiration is everywhere but sometimes it’s hard to convert that into something you can see without a direction. This journal can be your map to creative challenges while documenting it into a mini portfolio. 

Do One Thing Every Day That Inspires You


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