Mercedes-Benz Malaysia launches the new E-Class

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia launches the new E-Class

The most intelligent sedan

Text: Rachel Au

The all-new E-Class serves as a friendly and impressive reminder of why Mercedes-Benz is one of the best inventors of the automobile

Now in its tenth generation, the new Mercedes-Benz E-Class has pushed its boundaries further and a step into the future as the most intelligent sedan in the premium class. From the interior and exterior design to the built-in smart functions to the added safety and driver assistance systems, it's safe to say that the already refined E-Class has been further refined - almost to perfection. 


"The E-Class is the core of the Mercedes-Benz brand," says Mark Raine, Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia, "It now carries this tradition into the future with a wealth of top-class innovations, stylish highlights and an impeccable interior with high-value perception."


The details in its design

From the outside and at first glance, the E-Class now sports an elongated bonnet coupled with a coupé-like roof flowing into a sensual, broad-shouldered tail end. Look a little closer to the exciting silhouette and you'll find each design and equipment line has been given a different look for the radiator grille on its muscular front end. 

mercedes benz e class exterior

Compared with its predecessor, passengers will have more space as the wheelbase length has grown by 65 millimetres. Slip into the car and anyone will instantly be attracted by the premium and comfortable feel of the seats in their ergonomic form. The E-Class uses high-quality materials and comes in various shades of brown, include new attractive colour combinations such as nut brown/macchiato and saddle brown/macchiato.


Complete control in personalisation

Judging from the recent vehicles released by Mercedes-Benz, it's clear that the brand aims to deliver a true owner's car with more options for the user to personalise and use to his or her comfort - like the now-standard Dynamic Select switch for the preferred driving mode ("Comfort", "Eco", "Sport", "Sport +" and "Individual").

mercedes benz e class interior

For starters, the driver can choose between three different styles for the fully digital widescreen cockpit: "Classic", "Sport" and "Progressive". The multifunction steering wheel comes with unique touch control buttons so that the driver can intuitively operate it with swift swiping movements of the finger - like you would with a smartphone. A minor but fun addition is the use of the enhanced ambient lighting that is available in 64 colours.


Nine-speed automatic transmission

With a strong character for its design, the horsepower certainly doesn't disappoint as all models are equipped as standard with the new 9G-TRONIC nine-speed automatic transmission, enabling fast gear changes and allows lo engine revs. In addition, the E-Class provides added driving pleasure with the Agility Control suspension with selective damping system and lowering to suit any road surface. 

mercedes benz e class engine

For the E 200 model - available at launch - it is equipped with a four-cylinder petrol engine rated at 135 kW (184 hp) with a torque of 300 newton metres. Upcoming model variants, on the other hand, like the E 250 (coming in September) will be rated at 155 kW (211 hp) with a torque of 350 newton metres, and the E 300 (coming in November) will be rated at 180 kW (245 hp) with a torque of 370 newton metres. 


Next-generation driving assistance systems 

A couple of new features have been introduced and they're all impressive and very much welcomed. The Active Brake Assist is fitted as standard, autonomously applying the brakes when necessary, and now includes a capability to detect pedestrians crossing the danger zone ahead of the vehicle. Working alongside this is the Pre-Safe impulse side feature, which is able to move the occupants as far away as possible towards the centre of the vehicle before an imminent side impact. 


Parking is made (so much) easier with Parking Pilot that assists the driver to find a parking space and pilot the car into and out of parallel and end-on spaces. Our other favourite upgrade is the high-resolution Multibeam LED headlamps that emit exceptionally bright lights without dazzling other road users. 


The new Mercedes-Benz E 200 Avantgarde Line retails at RM395,888. For more information, visit


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