How the Mercedes-Benz A 200 Progressive Line enhanced my daily travel routine

Class for Everyday


By Aina Nur Sarah

How the Mercedes-Benz A 200 Progressive Line enhanced my daily travel routine

I used to be indifferent—a car is a car, and as long as it gets you from point A to point B, it’s done its job, right? Wrong. Think of a car as your protector on the road; the sturdier it is, the smoother your ride will be in every way possible. 

The refreshed Mercedes-Benz A 200 Progressive Line was the turning point for me. While I adore my car, there were significant differences that I felt when I had the A 200 with me for a week. So here are four reasons why the A 200 completely changed my perspective on cars. 



Although I am familiar with the beauty of a Mercedes-Benz, the first time I saw the A 200, I was in awe. The all-new A 200 is a stunner and boasts a sportier look than its predecessor; its star power starts at the front with the new Mercedes-Benz star pattern that enhances the radiator grille, alongside its striking ‘shark nose’ and powerdomes. Not to mention the new headlight and taillight design, and rear bumper with a diffuser that elevates its athletic appearance even further. Thanks to its sporty and commanding presence on the road, being behind the wheel of the A 200 gave me a surge of confidence, especially in unfamiliar places. 



Sometimes when you drive a car full of passengers, it tends to get a bit overwhelming. However, as the A 200 is rather spacious for a compact car, it made for comfortable trips during both long and short drives. Even when I had a full cabin, it didn’t feel like everyone was in each other’s space. Another feature that I enjoyed was the personalisation aspect of the Mercedes-Benz. For example, I was able to play around with the colours of the ambient lighting to suit my mood while I was driving and it looked especially stunning when driving at night. 

When I drive other people around, I also tend to worry a lot because they’re technically in my care. But with the A 200, I could fret less because the car is updated with a host of safety assistance features like the Blind Spot Assist that provides a visual and audio warning of potential collision with other vehicles on the road; the Active Brake Assist that helps avoid rear-end collisions with vehicles, pedestrians, and even motorcyclists; and the Active Parking Assist with PARKTONIC that automates parallel and perpendicular parking. The A 200 also ensures you always see the roads clearly with Adaptive Highbeam Assist that takes advantage of the long headlamp range—it switches on the main beam when the car doesn’t register any vehicles in front of you or oncoming traffic.



Everything is within reach and in front of you with the A 200’s wide range of infotainment and connectivity features. I don’t know about you, but for some reason, I tend to get a lot of calls when I’m driving, or sometimes the music just isn’t right—but with the latest generation of MBUX (NTG7) in place, I could easily connect my phone via Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™ via Bluetooth® to access everything on the display. With the dual-screen display—the 10.25-inch media display and the 10.25-inch Digital Instrument Cluster Display—I could easily keep track of everything that’s happening with the car. The A 200 also comes with the new 3-spoke steering wheel that includes touch-control panels for the media display. 

While blasting music kept my mood up on the road, having the smartphone integration that included wireless charging helped ensure that I had my devices fully-charged once I arrived. 



As I had the car during the weekend I was heading to a festival, I volunteered to be the designated driver and come to think of it now, I’m glad I was driving the A 200 that week. Although it wasn’t my first time driving to Sepang from the city centre, the A 200 made the journey much smoother thanks to its four-cylinder engine. With the dual-clutch transmission, the A 200 is powerful and easy to handle so I didn’t have to worry too much when I accelerated as the next gear is always preselected. This gave me even more confidence to drive the car on longer road trips and outstation journeys. 

Ultimately, the A 200 stays true to its tagline ‘Class for Everyday’. From its sporty exterior to the many safety features and well-thought-out interior, it made my routine less of a chore and more fun; especially when I’m driving in the city with unpredictable traffic. 


The Mercedes A 200 is priced at RM238,888. For more information, visit the Mercedes website at

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