3 New ultra luxury cars in Malaysia that will turn heads on the road

Driving on the fast lane


By Aina Nur Sarah

3 New ultra luxury cars in Malaysia that will turn heads on the road

Got a need for speed? These cars will give you an adrenaline rush for sure! Almost every brand in the automotive industry continues to push boundaries while staying true to its ethos. These new cars are the epitome of luxury—combining unparalleled, advanced technology with personalised touches that keep enthusiasts satisfied. 



Introducing the first super sports V12 hybrid plug-in High Performance Electrified Vehicle (HPEV), the Lamborghini Revuelto. This highly anticipated release combines progressive hybrid technology with the power of a V12 engine, delivering an unparalleled driving experience. Revuelto defines a new paradigm in terms of performance, sportiness and driving pleasure—from its unprecedented new architecture, innovative design, maximum aerodynamics efficiency, and a new carbon frame concept.


The Engine

Its engine boasts an output of 1,015 CV (1,001 hp) that’s delivered from an entirely new combustion engine with three electric motors. The new 128 CV/litre combustion engine works together with two front axial flux motors, delivering an outstanding weight-to-power ratio, with a radial flux electric motor positioned above the first eight-speed double-clutch gearbox debuting on a 12-cylinder Lamborghini. The three electric motors are powered by a lithium-ion high-specific power (4500 W/kg) battery pack that also supports a fully-electric drive mode.


The Design

The Revuelto comes with a new Space Race, a design that adapts to the challenges that comes with electrification of a super sports car. Inspired by aerospace elements, the design is characterised by sculpted surfaces encompassed by two lines that start from the front and embrace the cabin and engine, tapering down to the hexagonal-shaped exhausts. 

Further, the roof combines more headroom with aesthetic qualities and specific aerodynamic functions. The recessed profile channels air to the rear wing, but at the same time allows more headroom in the cabin for both the driver and passenger. 


The Interior

A new immersive and shared driving experience is achieved with the 12.3-inch digital cockpit on the driver’s side and the 9.1-inch display installed on the passenger-side dashboard; this is where the pilot and co-pilot can simultaneously view the same information. Its new swipe function allows the pilot and co-pilot to move applications and information from the central display to the side displays. The three digital screens not only respond to the need for stylistic cleanness that enables most of the physical buttons to be eliminated, but implement new features that allow the driver to concentrate fully on driving, just as in a race car.  

Elsewhere, the steering wheel takes inspiration from the racing world and the Essenza SCV12; while the four rotors on the spokes are used to select the driving modes, lifting system, and rear wing tilt. The cockpit has an intuitive design with controls that deliver a distinctive Lamborghini feel. The buttons activate turn signals and many other functions, allowing the driver to maintain an optimal grip on the steering wheel at all times.

For more information, visit the Lamborghini website here.



Built for performance, the new Porsche 911 GT3 RS is a road-legal high-performance sports car that boasts a high-revving naturally aspirated engine, lightweight components, and active aerodynamics. 


The Design 

Distinguished by the large number of functional aerodynamic elements, the new Porsche 911 GT3 RS resembles a race car more than ever. Its most prominent feature is the swan-neck-supported rear wing which is significantly larger in all dimensions. On the other hand, the rear wing consists of a fixed main wing and an upper, hydraulically adjustable wing element. The upper edge of the rear wing is also higher than the car’s roof—a first for a Porsche production vehicle. To reduce the turbulent pressure in the wheel arches, the car has Louvred strakes above the front wings, in the style of the iconic Le Mans-winning 911 GT1. 

The new 911 GT3 RS puts emphasis on aerodynamic performance, thus the suspension components are also optimised. In order to increase the downforce on the front axle by around 40 kg at top speed, the double-wishbone front axle is designed with teardrop-shaped profiles.


The Engine 

The high-revving four-litre engine in the 911 GT3 is optimised to the car and its 386 kW (525 PS) power is achieved primarily by new camshafts with modified cam profiles. With a single-throttle intake system rigid valve drive—inspired from motorsports—the car accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.2 seconds and reaches a top speed of 296 km/h in seventh gear.

A drag reduction system (RDS) is also fitted in to achieve a low drag and higher speeds on straight sections of the track—a Porsche first. The DRS allows the wings to be flattened at the push of a button within a specific operating range. To create an aerodynamic deceleration effect that significantly supports the brakes, the airbrake function is activated during braking at high speeds and the wing elements at the front and rear are set to maximum.  

The Clubsport and Weissach packages are available for further personalisation with a specially designed Porsche Design chronograph watch. The new Porsche 911 GT3 R3 is priced from RM2,630,000. For more information, visit the Porsche website here



This is the Rolls-Royce that will change everything. The all-new Spectre is the world’s first ultra-luxury electric super coupé that boasts a contemporary design which stays true to the Rolls-Royce ethos—bringing Charles Rolls’ prophecy of an electric future for cars to life. 


The Design 

The Spectre has a contemporary design that takes inspiration from the clarity, precision line and use of reflection in modern racing yachts. Its Pantheon grille is the widest that’s ever been fitted on a Rolls-Royce; complete with polished stainless-steel vanes that are smooth and flush-fitting, softly illuminated with 22 LEDs lights, and The Spirit of Ecstasy figurine that was specially created for the car.

Furthermore, the sharp, vertical bow line draws attention to the Spectre’s fastback and a seamless roofline contributes to its exceptional aerodynamics. To match its generous proportions—a first in almost 100 years—the Spectre is the first production Rolls-Royce two-door coupé to be equipped with 23-inch wheels.


The Engine 

Rolls-Royce has brought its co-founder’s foreshadowing to life with the Spectre, and as the first full-electric Rolls-Royce ever made, the luxury coupé proves that battery-electronic technology has come of age and can be successfully done with automotive excellence. The Spectre takes the signature Rolls-Royce experience—instant torque, silent running and the sense of one imperceptible gear—and enhances it for the better. 

As an all-electric motor car, it is fitted with two Separately Excited Synchronous Motors (SSMs). The front electric motor produces 190kW/365 Nm while the rear motor delivers 360kW/710 Nm; this equates to an internal combustion engine of 430kW (584 hp) with 900 Nm of torque. In terms of acceleration, the Spectre achieves 0 – 96 kmph in 4.4 seconds. 


The Interior

The Spectre has an abundance of bespoke features that can be customised to fit you. For the first time, Rolls-Royce has included Starlight Doors that incorporate 4,756 softly illuminated ‘stars’. It doesn’t end there—the celestial theme continues inside the luxury coupé with Spectre’s Illuminated Fascia that sees a cluster of over 5,500 ‘stars’. 

For more information, visit the Rolls-Royce website here


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