Car review: The Volvo S60 T8 CKD is built as a driver’s car—and it really shows


By Ronn Tan

Car review: The Volvo S60 T8 CKD is built as a driver’s car—and it really shows

I’m about to let you in on a secret. Are you ready? Here goes nothing: growing up, I’ve never really had a relationship or connection with Volvo. While I knew of the brand‘s existence, I haven’t had the opportunity to really get close to or be inside one. Alright, I know this isn’t breaking news; and you’re probably disappointed with the “secret”. Well, buckle up because I’m about to tell you why I have a newfound bond with Volvo.

The first Volvo vehicle I had the opportunity to test was the XC40 (which was brilliant, by the way). Recently, I gave the S60 T8 CKD a go and describing it as one of my best experiences with a car would be, ultimately, be an understatement. I truly enjoyed driving the variant and here’s why.

Similar to the CBU (Completely Built-Up) units, the S60 CKD (Completely Knocked-Down) units are only available in the T8 R-Design trim. Let’s begin with the driving experience and vehicle performance.

While it’s apparent that the car looks amazing, especially the sleek and muscular body (with a classic Scandinavian design philosophy), the fun begins as soon as you turn the engine on. With just an easy flick on the engine toggle and you’re good to go. Don’t be fooled by the silence, however; the vehicle is awake and ready to groove move.

Another really interesting aspect is the Sensus Connect infotainment system. The tablet-style touch screen interface features car functions, navigation, and in-car entertainment apps. It’s smooth and simple to use; with icons and labels that are easy to identify.

For a car that’s meant to up the ante on city drives, it has to be efficient when it comes to steering maneuverability. The S60 isn’t just uncomplicated to manoeuver; you also get a really clean drive. The variant comes equipped with a T8 Twin Engine e-AWD plug-in hybrid and can achieve the century sprint in 4.4 seconds as well as has a top speed of 250 kilometres per hour.

To really test the S60, I brought the vehicle as far away from Kuala Lumpur as possible—and that includes getting lost (but that’s for another day). I drove to Putrajaya. What I really enjoyed about the S60, apart from the effortless and polished driving, is how safe I truly felt as a passenger in the car.

Safety is part of Volvo’s very DNA and I was really interested to find out how the brand integrates its identity within the S60. From the infotainment system, there are a myriad of features to choose from to keep you safe on the road.

The S60 comes with City Safety—an autobrake technology that assists drivers in avoiding potential collisions; recognising pedestrians, cyclists, and large animals. There is also the Cross Traffic Alert that detects traffic crossing behind the car. Furthermore, the 360° Surround View Camera really helped me with parking, especially in tight spots.

Although I really enjoy listening to music while I drive, I’m not difficult to please when it comes to sound systems. However, the addition of the 14-speaker Harmon Kardon Premium Sound Audio System in the S60 definitely added points to the entire experience. Imagine going on a road trip with your loved ones, singing along to your favourite tracks, and taking in the breeze with the sunroof down. Sure sounds fun!

All in all, the Volvo S60 T8 CKD is created as a driver’s car and it shows. It’s not too perplexing and arduous; as a driver, I found the car really straightforward to use—furnished with the latest technologies that are reminiscent of the zeitgeist.

Volvo’s vehicle designs have also evolved tremendously and it’s apparent with the S60. It’s sculpted, elegant, and most importantly, purposeful. It just feels good driving the S60. It is designed for driving after all. Wow-vo, indeed.

Have you had the opportunity to drive the Volvo S60 T8 CKD yet? Priced at RM282,540, the variant is available in four colours: Crystal White Pearl, Fusion Red Metallic, Onyx Black Metallic, and Pebble Grey Metallic.

For more information, visit this website.

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