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9 Local beverage brands that are good for your gut

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By Amanda Fung

9 Local beverage brands that are good for your gut

Everyone’s talking about gut health nowadays. Prioritising your intake of gut-healthy foods and vitamins are vital to maintaining an equilibrium in not only your belly but also your overall wellness. Whether you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome or persistent bloating, there are ways to manage your symptoms such as taking probiotics, prebiotics, fermented foods like kimchi, or avoiding trigger meals. Alternatively, some beverages—such as kombuchas—can also do wonders for your gut. To help with your healthy belly journey, we’ve compiled a list of locally-made beverage brands that can help bring balance to your tummy one sip at a time.




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Known for its oh-so-refreshing natural sodas, The Tapping Tapir has recently introduced its GutC prebiotic drinks. Available in two flavours—grape and peach—these sodas aim to promote a healthy microbiome in your belly with its key ingredient: a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. On top of supporting your gut, they also help boost your immunity with the natural vitamins found in the fruits used. Made using Kyoho grapes and ripe peaches respectively, the drinks are deliciously fruity and crisp—great for beating the heat! Opt for its mix pack to get the best of both worlds in your purchase.

Visit the Tapping Tapir website here




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Supergulp wants to make maintaining your gut health as tasty as possible! These fizzy prebiotic sodas are packed with digestible fibres that act as sustenance for the probiotic bacterias in your gut. Three flavours are currently available: lemon lime, lychee lemon, and watermelon pineapple. Every can of Supergulp soda helps you hit your daily fibre goals and is low in sugar. Not to mention, there are no artificial sweeteners or colourings used in its recipes. You can also head to its website to learn more about gut health-related topics such as how you can strengthen your gut’s microbiome.

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3. WILD 


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A leading name in the local kombucha game, Wild is known for its delightful flavours, made with natural ingredients in small batches. Among its most popular varieties are blueberry açaí, lavender lemonade, and peach blossoms. Whether you’re looking for your dose of kombucha on-the-go or buying for the entire family to enjoy, Wild’s kombuchas are available in a range of bottle sizes. Plus, you can refill your bottles at any one of its ‘refilleries’ or recycle your bottles by handing them back to your delivery driver when your new batch arrives. 

Click here to visit its online store and browse its list of stockists. 




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Born through its founder’s mission to find a low-calorie and healthy alternative to carbonated drinks, MyBoocha Kombucha is all about nourishing you and your gut with its natural and rejuvenating brews. The brand now produces an exciting range of flavours—some concocted in collaboration with other local brands—such as passion fruit and turmeric, yuzu citron, and Bentong ginger with lemon. Its brews also possess other benefits like boosting your antioxidant intake. It also offers subscription plans and starter packs for those looking to dive head first into the kombucha lifestyle. 

Head here for its online store and stockists list.  



Another brand you might have spotted at your local grocer’s is Wonderbrew, known for its kombucha and Jun tea offerings. These little bottles of gut goodness are brewed to aid digestion and support a healthier lifestyle. Its kombucha range is made with a black tea or blend base and organic cane sugar. On the other hand, its Jun tea offerings are a more delicate option that are concocted using green tea and pure wildflower honey. Both are available in bright and light flavours—such as Bentong ginger with honey and Tambun pomelo—that pay homage to our local produce.

Find out more about Wonderbrew and its shop here




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Made using local tea leaves, Uncle Jeff Drinks’ kombuchas and Jun teas are a great option for those who love sampling seasonal flavours. Packaged in bottles with labels hand-drawn by founder Jeff Lau himself, these beverages are a great accompaniment for meals. Its flavour offerings rotate with the seasons, with perennial favourites being the Manuka honey Jun tea, starfruit kombucha, and calamansi asam boi kombucha. You can find its entire range at its stockists including Eslite Spectrum, Seibu, and Hilton Kuala Lumpur.

Find out more about Uncle Jeff Drinks here



If you live on the greener side of life, adding Soluxe’s Superfood Greens to your daily diet should be a breeze. Brimming with antioxidants, chlorophyll content, and plant-sourced digestive enzymes, each sachet of this powder will aid in neutralising the acidity in your gut. On top of that, it can also help relieve heartburn and other undesirable symptoms of indigestion. Plus, the convenient sachets are perfect for bringing with you wherever you go. All you have to do is mix one up with a cup of water and you’re good to go. 

Get more information on Soluxe and its products here


8. L1VIN


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Another green option for you to consider is L1vin’s Livingreen+ natural digestive health supplement drink. Made with organic ingredients, this product is an all-in-one formula that boosts your gut health, aids with bloating, and supports your immune system as well as energy levels. Its ingredients include pineapples, green tea, kiwis, Bifilon-50F Bifidobacterium, Tocotrienols, wheatgrass, aloe vera extract, and more—all of which work to support your overall digestive health. 

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Step up your healthy enzyme intake with kefir, a fermented milk drink made with a natural starter that is similar to yogurt. The Kefir King is a proudly local brand that produces homemade kefir milk and water, both of which are beneficial for your overall well being. Each bottle contains amino acids, minerals, and vitamins that help support your body’s functions. Whether you love the sweetness of blueberries or the citrus notes of lemon, The Kefir King’s lineup has got something for you. For bread lovers, try its sourdough loaves or pretzels for some extra sustenance in your meal. 

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