Health or gimmick: Are supplements worth your hard-earned money?

Because health is wealth, right?


By Jolin Lee

Health or gimmick: Are supplements worth your hard-earned money?

In an era where wellness and health dominate social media feeds, it’s hard to resist the allure of these miracle supplements that are promised to boost health and vitality. From their flashy packaging to celebrity or “influ-nutritionists” endorsements, it’s no wonder we easily give in to these easy-fix health solutions. More questions arise as supplements gain popularity: “Are these genuinely good for health?”, “Will my skin glow brighter than ever?”, or “Is it all just a clever marketing ploy?”

These supplements hold promises of being a shortcut to optimum health. Just a tablet or two a day, and any nutrients that your diet may lack will be replenished. Hence, it’s crucial to look beyond those aesthetically designed boxes and understand what you are consuming

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Instead, focus on staying active, getting enough sleep, and eating a balanced diet—these are the core principles of well-being. Supplements should act as a complement to your lifestyle and not as a substitute for whatever your body is supposedly lacking.

So, what now?

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But we know, life gets in the way sometimes or our body is not at its optimum due to multiple reasons. Take a pause and consider—will these change my entire life and well-being? If you’re still saying yes to the above, do your research—on the brand and its manufacturer—and purchase them from reliable sources. Here’s a tip: look for logos such as ‘MAL’ issued by the Ministry of Health, signifying that it is registered and approved to be sold in the country.

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Need a headstart? Moom Health, Swisse, Blackmores, and Usana are just some of the more reliable supplement brands you can consider. Be sure to check with healthcare professionals before adding them to cart. Your health deserves more than just an easy fix. It deserves long-term holistic solutions over supplements that are pleasing to look at.


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