Glenfiddich Where Next Club: Shin Tseng and Moto Guo’s unique qualities of success
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Glenfiddich Where Next Club: Shin Tseng and Moto Guo’s unique qualities of success

True maverick spirit


By Natalie Khoo

Wherever you are in your professional or personal journey, progress begins with a simple question: Where Next? It’s a simple notion, but a daunting one for many as stepping into the unknown often presents challenges and uncertainties. With this in mind, Glenfiddich’s Where Next campaign invites you to discover your unique quality as you strive towards growth and development.  

To inspire you on the road to success, Glenfiddich shines a spotlight on two Malaysian Mavericks—individuals who embody the brand’s ethos—Moto Guo and Shin Tseng. As leaders and innovators in their respective fields of fashion and architecture, they join the growing Where Next Club, sharing the same maverick attitude behind Glenfiddich’s success for over 130 years since it was founded by innovator William Grant.

“In a world of possibilities, knowing the essence of what makes us special and fueling our passions is the key to unlocking our full potential. Glenfiddich is proud to be working alongside our Malaysian Mavericks who exemplify and share our values,” said Arturo Lozano, Marketing Manager, SEA, William Grant & Sons.

“We believe everyone possesses this Maverick spirit—one that inspires them to always look at ways to improve, aiming for the next stage in their personal and professional growth. We hope these stories of our local Mavericks help to inspire fellow Malaysians to pursue their passions.”

In line with the Maverick spirit, this year’s Where Next campaign focuses on a unique quality that sets these two inspiring individuals apart from the rest and takes them to the next level in their professional journey, while challenging the status quo and pushing boundaries they face along the way. Ahead, we delve into their unique quality that has shaped their career, as well as their answer to the big question: Where Next?


Moto Guo’s spirit of creativity

As the co-founder and creative director of his eponymous homegrown fashion label, Moto Guo is distinguished for birthing a genre of his own—one that marries maximalism and gender fluidity. Like his larger-than-life personality, his designs are uniquely whimsical and loud, defined by bright colours, quirky textures and a variety of shapes.

Moto Guo’s eccentric design language has even earned him a nomination for the coveted LVMH Prize for Young Fashion Designers in 2016. Notably, it’s the first Southeast Asian label to be nominated for the prestigious award. With an aim to continue pushing fashion boundaries forward, Moto Guo represents a true maverick in his field, exuding a strong artistic vision that defines his unique quality of creativity.

On his next challenge, the designer says: “We aspire to expand the identity and aesthetics of our brand beyond clothing. Recently, we have explored showcasing Motoguo in different art forms. For example, we’ve collaborated with Malaysian graphic designer, Ejin Sha, for an art installation using paper effigies in the LEEum Museum of Art in Korea.”

 “We’re constantly discovering ways to venture into different avenues of art which represent the Motoguo identity. We also look forward to having these new experiences continue to inspire our work and bring our future fashion collection into Where Next,” he adds.


Shin Tseng’s spirit of innovation

Shin Tseng is one of the most esteemed architects in Malaysia who is best known as the co-founder of local arts, culture and lifestyle hub REXKL, as well as the director of Urban Agenda Design. He has played a key role in revitalising Kuala Lumpur’s Petaling Street, breathing new life into the historic neighbourhood with trendy cafes, bars and restaurants.

Armed with passion and appreciation for storied structures, Shin Tseng believes in giving old buildings a second chance to inspire new generations through urban development. Instead of constructing more unsustainable developments, he wants to break the cycle with purpose-driven, impact-focused strategies that go beyond finance-based models. His boldness to adapt to rapid societal change, while being socially and environmentally responsible, demonstrates his maverick spirit and unique quality of innovation in his industry.  

“I am revamping a few old buildings with the similar philosophy of adaptive reuse and placemaking in Kuala Lumpur,” the Maverick shares on his upcoming projects. “Our city has overdeveloped for the past few decades, and we are now left with plenty of old structures. To me, the sustainable urban development for the future is to celebrate the Old with New. It is important to recognise the community and soul of the place while adding new layers to its heritage for future use.”


Discovering your unique quality

Similar to the two Malaysian Mavericks in the Where Next Club, each of the flagship Glenfiddich whiskies are also known for their unique qualities. Touted as the world’s most awarded single malt scotch whisky, the meticulously crafted and delicately balanced Glenfiddich 12 Year Old presents a unique freshness from the same highland spring water used since 1887. Matured in the finest American oak and European oak sherry casks for at least 12 years, the resulting spirit is smooth and mellow with a hint of fruitiness and a long, lingering finish.

On the other hand, the Glenfiddich 15 Year Old is a silky smooth, full-bodied whisky that bursts with flavours of sherry oak, marzipan, cinnamon and ginger. It exemplifies the Glenfiddich family’s tradition of innovation, owing to its unique aging method in the solera vat—a large oak tun inspired by the bodegas of Spain and Portugal. Pioneered by the distillery’s Malt Master, this technique draws out the expression’s warm, spicy flavours.  

Lastly, the Glenfiddich 18 Year Old offers a truly exceptional single malt that’s made in small batches of no more than 150 casks. Every batch is individually numbered and carefully guarded, giving the whisky an extraordinary character and consistency. The result of true craftsmanship and knowledge passed down through generations, this expression delivers notes of luxurious dried fruits, candy peel, dates and oak with a warming, distinguished finish.

By celebrating the uniqueness of each expression and every individual, Glenfiddich aims to weave a network of Mavericks who challenge conventions, embody excellence, and inspire other Malaysians to embrace their own unique qualities. So, what’s yours?


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