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Cereal pancakes are the new viral food trend all over Tiktok and Instagram


By Marissa Chin

Cereal pancakes are the new viral food trend all over Tiktok and Instagram

It’s no exaggeration that people are cooking and baking more than ever this CMCO period. First, we had Dalgona Coffee, now we have cereal—but make it pancakes.

Cereal pancake is a simplified yet temptingly more indulgent version of its original predecessor, the Classic American Pancake. It gets its name because the mini pancakes look like cereal flakes when placed in a breakfast bowl—instead of your usual corn flakes, you’re getting a bowl of buttery fluffy pillows doused in maple syrup instead of milk.

While the trend was gaining popularity all over Tik Tok (it currently has 10.6 million views), Sam Schnur from The Naughty Fork created a buzz about it over on Instagram when she posted her cereal pancake video—and the internet went wild with the array of possibilities.

All you really need is a simple pancake recipe (or ready-made pancake mix) and something to squeeze the batter onto the pan. To get the most desired shape, use a piping bag. But don’t worry if you don’t have one, you can use a zip-loc bag and cut a little hole in a corner, an empty water bottle with a poked hole in the cap or even a medical oral syringe in your first aid kit like this Tik Tok user:

Or if you don’t have any of that, handball it with a spoon—but the zip-loc bag will give you the closest chef vibes.

Cereal pancakes are also really versatile to meet any of your dietary requirements. Since you can use any pancake mixture, this will still work with any vegan or gluten-free recipe and still taste just as good.

People tend to top these mini pancakes with the classic combination of a dollop of butter and maple syrup because you can never go wrong with that. If you’re trying out the trend for the first time, this is a simple one to do before you go all Jackson Pollock on your next cereal pancake creations.

Now, the sky really is the limit when it comes to toppings—pretty much anything that you’ve put in cupcakes, birthday cakes and ice cream can be incorporated into these cereal pancakes. Here are some that people have already tried out:

Heck, you can even level up to waffle cereal if you have a waffle maker.

You should know though that cereal pancakes aren’t exactly a new thing—it’s actually inspired by a traditional Dutch dessert called Poffertjes that are made of yeast and buckwheat flour. The viral pancakes use pancake batter instead giving it an American twist.

Pro tip: make sure to squeeze around a 50 cent size of batter on the pan as smaller sizes tend to burn a lot quicker. Also, grease the pan with a neutral vegetable oil like canola oil instead of butter, then add the butter in when pancakes are halfway cooked to crisp up the edges.

Psst, don’t forget Mother’s Day is also just around the corner! This could be the one of many breakfast ideas to treat her to on her special day.

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