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5 Yee Sang you can order via GrabFood for tonight’s reunion dinner


By Rachel Au

5 Yee Sang you can order via GrabFood for tonight’s reunion dinner

Chinese New Year is upon us but before we can truly celebrate, we all need to gather for the reunion dinner. And for that, yee sang is a must. If you and your family are planning to eat in (here‘s an easy peasy recipe for crispy siu yuk by the way), rather than the hassle of going out to get yee sang takeaway, why not just have it delivered to your doorstep? This year, GrabFood is making it hassle-free for everyone with a selection of yee sang deliveries from 49 outlets across Klang Valley. We already covered a guide on what to say before you lou hei so next up is picking up your phone and ordering the yee sang of your choice. We round up five that caught our eye—or rather stomachs.


1. La Juiceria Superfoods Signature


Ever the healthy eating advocate, La Juiceria Superfoods Signature offers two options: The standard with salmon on top or a vegetarian alternative which features seasonal fruits instead.

Price: RM48 for either


2. The Fat Fish


Among the yee sang deliveries available on GrabFood, The Fat Fish definitely serves one of the best looking ones with a generous portion of salmon arranged in the shape of a flower at the centre of the platter.

Price: Starts from RM74.80 (serves 2-3 pax)


3. Streat Thai

Love a little tang in your yee sang? Streat Thai’s version offers over 15 ingredients with one of them giving an extra Thai twist – freshly shaved green papaya. Oh, and they use snow pear too!


Snow Pear – RM59

Snow Pear and Salmon Sashimi – RM69

*These prices are based on a medium serving which serves 4-6 pax


4. Salad Atelier


Since yee sang is technically like an Asian salad, it’s no surprise that Salad Atelier would want to join in on the festivities. They even made their own plum sauce!


Salmon Sashimi – RM48.88

Vegetarian – RM28.88

*These prices are based on the Unity Size which serves 4-6 pax. You can even opt for extra toppings


4. Delicious


For the base: Fresh ingredients such as Chinese lettuce, shallots, carrots, coriander, kaffir lime leaves, pomelo and radish. For the topping: Smoked salmon, soft shell crab or our personal favourite, salted egg fish skin. 


With smoked salmon – RM35

With Soft Shell Crab/Salted Egg Fish Skin – RM40

*These prices are based on the small size which serves 3-4 pax


GrabFood is available on both iOS and Android.


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