8 Best Yee Sang to 'lou hei' this Chinese New Year 2019

8 Best Yee Sang to 'lou hei' this Chinese New Year 2019

It's that time of the year again

Text: Rachel Au

When it comes to Chinese New Year, yee sang is always the highlight. Here are eight of the best yee sang we've tried in KL this 2019

1. The St Regis Kuala Lumpur

st regis cny 2019 yee sang

What's lovely about The St. Regis Kuala Lumpur's Prosperity Yee Sang is that personal touch of tradition as it's actually Puan Sri Sharon Chua's heirloom recipe that has been passed down through generations. Even better, everything about it is fresh. 

Availability: Upon reservation from 5 Jan - 19 Feb 2019 for dine-in at The Brasserie or at the private dining rooms on Level 2. Alternatively, you can order it for takeaway.


Abalone & Crispy Soft-shell Crab Yee Sang

  • (L) MYR363.00+ (serves up to 10 pax)
  • (M) MYR196.00+ (serves up to 6 pax)

Salmon & Jelly Fish Yee Sang

  • (L) MYR263.00+ (serves up to 10 pax)
  • (M) MYR136.00+ (serves up to 6 pax)

Vegetarian Yee Sang

  • (L) MYR196.00+ (serves up to 10 pax)
  • (M) MYR106.00+ (serves up to 6 pax) 

Reservations: 03 2727 6696 or email

2. Lai Po Heen at Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur

mandarin oriental kl cny 2019 yee sang

Lai Po Heen's yee sang promises a traditionally no-frills platter where the only challenge is deciding on the 'star' of the dish. The great chefs have put together five types depending on how luxurious your taste buds are feeling.

Availability: Till 28 Feb 2019


  • Yee Sang with abalone and assorted vegetables RM 208 (half) | RM 408 (full)
  • Yee Sang with pan-seared scallop and snow pear RM 198 (half) | RM 388 (full)
  • Yee Sang with soft shell crab and snow pear RM 168 (half) | RM 328 (full)
  • Yee Sang with salmon and assorted vegetables RM 168 (half) | RM 328 (full)
  • Yee Sang with assorted vegetables and shredded fruits in sesame dressing RM 98 (half) | RM 198 (full)

*Half portion typically serves up to 5 people, full portion serves up to 10 people.

    Reservations: 03 2330 8797, email or order online for takeaway/delivery from their new Mandarin Cake Shop.

    3. Yen at W Kuala Lumpur 

    yen w kl cny 2019 yee sang

    Out of the four types, we tried the one with the Norwegian salmon that was complemented with air-dried Szechuan fish chips and crispy fish skin. The air-dried part was interesting—a first time, personally. The texture is similar to that of a jerky and surprisingly didn't have that strong fishy taste. It would be better if it was cut into smaller squares for easier chewing but otherwise, it was a delightful new take. 

    Availability: Till 24 Feb 2019


    Premium Jelly Fish Yee Sang, Korean Snow Pear, Avocado Oil

    • RM118+ for half portion (for 2 - 6 pax)
    • RM228+ for full portion (for 6 - 10 pax)

    Norwegian Salmon Fish Yee Sang, Air Dried Szechuan Fish Chips, Crispy Fish Skin

    • RM118+ for half portion (for 2 - 6 pax)
    • RM228+ for full portion (for 6 - 10 pax)

    Qiandao Lake Angel Beads, Sous Vide Lobster Meat, Tempura Crispy Soft Shell Crab Yee Sang

    • RM188+ for half portion (for 2 - 6 pax)
    • RM338+ for full portion (for 6 - 10 pax)

    Caviar, Gold Flakes, Truffles Oil, Abalone Yee Sang

    • RM248+ for half portion (for 2 - 6 pax)
    • RM488+ for full portion  (for 6 - 10 pax)

    Reservations: 012 347 9088 or email B& 

    4. Ruyi & Lyn

    ruyi and lyn cny 2019 yee sang

    If there was an award for the most gorgeous yee sang this year, it would have to be Ruyi & Lyn's 28K Golden Koi "YU" Sang. Featuring over 20 ingredients that include edible gold, salted egg yolk crispy fish skin, Atlantic salmon and sea caviar, you'll be surprised that it tastes as good as it looks!

    Price: RM168

    Reservations: 03 2083 0288‬ 

    5. Chynna at Hilton Kuala Lumpur

    hilton kl cny 2019 yee sang

    We tried the one with the strawberries and while doubtful at the combination at first—though also impressed by the presentation—the taste post-lou hei cleared that uncertainty instantly. It is, however, a bit tricky to toss with the large strawberries in the way. Proceed with caution or risk a runaway berry.

    Availability: Till 24 Feb 2019


    Smoky Grill Squid Tentacles Yu Sheng

    • RM128 nett (small)
    • RM238 nett (large)

    Traditional Norwegian Salmon Yu Sheng

    • RM128 nett (small)
    • RM238 nett (large)

    Yu Sheng with Macadamia Nuts & American Strawberry

    • RM138 nett (small)
    • RM268 nett (large)

    Yu Sheng with Salted Egg Soft Shell Crab and Crispy Fish Skin 

    • RM138 nett (small)
    • RM268 nett (large)

    Australian Three Head Abalone Yu Sheng

    • RM280 nett

    Reservations: 03 2264 2264 or email

    6. Nobu Kuala Lumpur

    nobu kl cny 2019 yee sang

    This year, Executive Chef Philip Leong and his team are doing a bit of wordplay. His star ingredients are the lobster and prawn because it's pronounced as 'har' in Chinese and thus, put them together, it also sounds like har-piness. Hence, The HarHarHar Prosperity Platter.

    Availability: Till 25 Feb 2019


    The HarHarHar Prosperity Platter—RM188++ for two pax

    Features: Fresh seafood ingredients such as salmon and whitefish sashimi along with jicama, carrots, beetroot, dragonfruit, rose apple and seaweed salad.

    The HarHarHar Prosperity Platter (Premium version)—RM288++ for two pax

    Features: A whole lobster served in Nobu-style instead of the sashimi

      Reservations: 03 2164 5084 or WhatsApp 019 389 5085

      7. Yun House at Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur

      yun house four seasons hotel kl cny 2019 yee sang

      Toss your way to good health, wealth and happiness with Yun House's Prosperity Yee Sang which features only the freshest ingredients and a selection of luxurious options as the topping.

      Availability: Till 19 Feb 2019


      • Australian Lobster—Market Price
      • Two Head Abalone—RM328
      • Toro—RM268 (M)   |   RM536 (L)
      • Salmon Belly—RM208 (M)   |   RM416 (L)
      • Vegetarian—RM148(M)   |   RM296 (L)

       Reservations: 03 2382 8640 or email (Available for takeaway as well)

      8. Atas Modern Malaysian Eatery at The RuMa Hotel

      atas the ruma hotel cny 2019 yee sang

      Atas Modern Malaysian Eatery at the new The RuMa Hotel has received much praise for its Executive Chef Tyson Gee's reinterpretation of the local cuisine. For this festive season, he's giving that similar touch to a familiar dish with familiar Malaysian produce. His version of yee sang features a surprising curation of pucuk paku, betel leaf, fried chicken skin (oh-so-sinful-but-so-good) and sweet tamarind plum dressing.

      Availability: Till 19 Feb 2019

      Price: Starting at RM128+ for a portion suitable for 4 pax

      Reservations: 03 2778 0888


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