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4 Best places to get coffee in Melbourne

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By Rachel Au

4 Best places to get coffee in Melbourne

We’ve been having Aussie fever for the past two weeks thanks to the Australian Open 2016 and as it comes to a close, we can’t think of a more celebratory post than a roundup of some of the best spots in (their) town to get our/your/their caffeine fix. 


Cup of Truth, Degraves St Subway 

cup of truth melbourne best coffee

A local favourite and a literal underground gem, Cup of Truth very simply serves a cup of good ol’ coffee-no tricks and no frills. Using beans from Axil Coffee Roasters (another crowd pleaser), you can count on their baristas to consistently brew a good cuppa. Word on Instagram is people would actually go out of their way just for a Cup of Truth. 


Market Lane Coffee, Prahan/Queen Victoria Market

market lane coffee 2

Roasted fresh on site once a week, you’ll have no complaints with any of the coffee served there. Whether it’s the flat white or the espresso, the smooth texture will have you swooning at first sip and the taste is perfectly balanced. 


Patricia, Little Bourke St

patricia coffee melbourne

This little corner coffee place is always packed and it’s not hard to guess why by the throngs of people hanging outside with a Patricia coffee cup in their hands (there are no chairs allowed so it’s pretty much a ‘standing’ cafe). We definitely recommend the Seven Seeds beans that is a nice mix of strong Ethiopian and Guatemalan blend for a lovely pick-me-up in the morning. 


Slater St Bench, Little Bourke St

slater st bench coffee melbourne

When it comes to coffee, everything needs to be at the right amount and Slater St Bench manages to do it perfectly-especially with the milk. Give their espresso paired with almond milk a go; the velvety texture is uber heavenly. 


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