Must-have snacks at your desk to beat the midday slump

Must-have snacks at your desk to beat the midday slump

You know you deserve it

We all know the feeling too well; when the midday slump hits even the best of us.

We try to overcome it, but we end up snacking on unhealthy snacks that we usually end up regretting. It is not our fault though, it is the natural rhythm of our body clock that causes us to slow down at around 2—3pm every day. This is why some cultures practice siesta. Not all of us are so blessed. So, for that extra energy boost during your workday, we suggest you stock up your desk with these healthy snacks.


1. Pretzels

Crunchy, low in fat, and doesn’t make a mess, this fun snack will  fill you up when you’re feeling peckish. It can also distract you from your lethargy by giving you something else to do while you work. 


2. Dried fruits and nuts

This combination of sweet, sour, and salty is definitely an enjoyable snack to have on your desk. Eat it while you work and surprise yourself with either a fruit or a nut each time you reach into the bowl. 


3. Wasabi peas

Nothing perks you up better than a hit of wasabi. This makes wasabi peas the best snack when you are starting to feel drowsy and coffee just won’t do. 


4. Dry cereal

Cereal is generally low in calories if you don’t consider the sugar-laden options. Go for whole grain cereal that is rich in fibre when you snack on dry cereal and enjoy the benefits such as minimising your blood sugar swings and optimising your brainpower and mental focus. 


5. Japanese rice crackers

Another must-have are Japanese rice crackers. These delicious, savory and crunchy snacks are even better when wrapped in seaweed. Not only will you get an energy boost from the carbs but you will also get your dose of iron from the seaweed. 


6. Healthy bars

Be it a fruit and nut bar, a granola bar, or a protein bar, these are the easiest thing to have at your desk. However, try to stick to the ones that are low in sugar because the calories might pile up.