What you missed at the 5km fun #BuroxNikeRun

What you missed at the 5km fun #BuroxNikeRun

From Sun-daze to Sun-dash

Text: Rachel Au

On a fine Sunday morning, we gathered with a group of people with the same goal: To complete the #BuroxNikeRun

Some were seasoned runners. Some do it on and off. And then there were the few who were first-timers. At 6.30am in the bright and early morning, the sun had barely even risen but that didn't matter when all of us had a goal in mind. For the group of almost thirty people, completing the 5km fun #BuroxNikeRun meant several things. One, ticking 'Joining a run' off their 2017 resolutions list and getting out of their comfort zone. Two, getting their workout done for the day—even if it was a Sunday. 

It may traditionally be a rest day but who's to say you can't spare an hour treating your body right with an awesome workout. No excuses. That's exactly the kind of motivational message Nike hopes to spread with their "Just Do It. Sunday" initiative. Inspired, we decided to give it a go, along with ten selected Buro readers, some friends of Nike such as Ethan Curzon, Talitha Tan and the WeBeThirsty running crew; as well as Nike's own Coach Sue (who gave us some pretty handy running tips before). Of course, to maximise everyone's running potential, we were each fitted with a brand new pair of Nike running shoes, and by 7.30am, we were ready to get set and go. 

The course set around Desa ParkCity was relatively manageable with slight elevation but it's the picturesque view that many appreciated as we hit every km on the way to the finish line. While the veteran runners charged forward, some cheered for the rest in support while pacers helped to ensure the ones left behind kept to the route and not give up. One of them was Xiao Pi Hai (aka @tunway) of Futuremade Studio who later revealed on Instagram that he actually lied to some of the runners that they were taking a shortcut. "In fact, we [were] running according [to] the original route and they managed to finish it strong. That [proves it] is all about your mental [strength]. Work hard for what you want!" 

Close to an hour later, everyone had completed the run and to replenish all that energy, refreshments were served. And just like that, everyone had completed the "Just Do It. Sunday" challenge. You can do it too. The Nike+ Run Club app recently introduced this new concept to encourage users to run a 5K every Sunday.

buroxnikerun just do it sunday stickers

Since it's a global challenge, you won't be alone and you'll have Nike coaches giving you in-ear guidance along the way. Or you can do it like us and get some friends to join you (Coach Sue not included—unless you're friends with her). Post-run, don't forget to take a picture or share your route. You'll be able to customise it with a Sunday-only sticker pack. And that's a guaranteed Sunday well-spent. 

buroxnikerun group photo

Watch the highlights of the #BuroxNikeRun below: