Vote: The best fashion trends of 2018


By Joan Kong

Vote: The best fashion trends of 2018


Best prints

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A scroll through Instagram a couple months back and you’ll notice a throng of influencers wearing the same leopard-print midi skirt by Réalisation Par, and it’s not hard to understand why—the motif adds ‘oomph’ to the simplest of outfits. But the preppy checks have also been spotted in abundance this year, whether on pantsuits or midi dresses which can be worn all year round.


Best bags

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From straw bags to PVC totes and fuss-free fanny packs, 2018 has seen an array of It-carriers (to the bag ladies’ delight), but we’re letting these arm candies battle it out to see which trend emerge victorious. Which is your favourite?


Best accessory

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Some of the hottest trends from the ’90s made a comeback this year, and two of our top picks, are tiny sunglasses and bucket hats. On top of their style factor, these accessories also shade your peepers from the sun, although the sunnies are probably a better pick for our hot and humid weather.


Best bottoms

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Love it or hate it, both bike shorts and leggings have enjoyed a revival this year, although the former was definitely a street style favourite. The difference between these two boils down to their length, really, so which do you prefer?

PS Check out how Fashion Writer, Stephanie, incorporated bike shorts in her daily outfit for a week.


Best materials

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From soft velvet to tough corduroy, and supple leather to functional plastic, if you don’t have any one of the must-have fabrics in your closet, it’s not too late to shop them. These trends will continue to slay in 2019, for sure.


Best details

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You can always count on added details to jazz up your overall look, and fur and fringes, in particular, reigned this year. There’s just something about these sway-with-every-move textures that make for a great occasion outfit—just imagine how good you’ll look on the dance floor!


Best colour

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Although Ultra Violet is Pantone’s 2018 Colour of the Year, a lighter tone—lavender—stood out during this year’s Spring/Summer season, and there’s something about the romantic and soothing tone that we can’t seem to get enough of.

PS Pantone has released the Colour of the Year for 2019. Shop it here.


Best denim

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Two shades, in particular, stood out this year, and they are light blue and indigo. The darker wash definitely exudes a more polished vibe compared to light hue, although when it comes to denim, anything goes. If you had to pick a favourite, which one would it be?


Best layers

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One of the top Spring/Summer 2018 trends this year were see-through looks that gave off an alluring vibe, while Autumn/Winter 2018 saw a variety of more-is-more layered looks (as seen at the Balenciaga show). If you had to pick a style, which would you go for?


Best shoes

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Lastly, here’s the battle between the two most talked about shoes in 2018—the Balenciaga Triple S sneakers (that is arguably the most popular dad sneakers to cop this year) and Prada’s flame heels (that are a delightful blast from the past). Have you bought any of these?

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