Those chunky, “ugly” sandals you used to wear as a kid are back in fashion


By Stephanie Boey

Those chunky, “ugly” sandals you used to wear as a kid are back in fashion

You may already recognise the familiar chunky sandal silhouette that’s been dominating the runway and the street style scene. If you grew up in the ‘90s, the open-toed walking sandals should be giving you a pang of déjà vu. I have vivid memories of family holidays, playing outdoors as my cousins were clad in the outdoor sandal. I specifically remember not being a fan, I thought them to be incredibly bulky, and the sturdy velcro straps looked like they’d chafe while I ran in the playground. “No, thanks”, I thought. Little did I know that two decades later I’d be eating my words and donning the trend myself. Oh, the irony!

Fashion’s fascination with polarising “anti-fashion” trends has been dominating our feeds. Perhaps what sparked it were the comeback of the heavy clunky sneaker, shortly followed by the fisherman bucket hat and most notably, the travelling tourist fanny pack. This season, it’s the chunky sandals turn to step up to the plate, and they’re chunkier than I remember.

Chloé‘s colour-blocked version comes with a thick gripped rubber sole for added height and the crossover straps can be adjusted to hug your feet. Arizona Love’s version is one that looks closest to the sandal we all grew up with, elevated with an additional ankle strap decorated in tiny seashells that’s been trending in the accessory department. If you’re hooked on bling and being #extra, Gucci‘s studded and bejewelled sandal is your true fit.

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