Top 12 Dior looks from Raf Simons

Master couturier


By Wei Yeen Loh

Top 12 Dior looks from Raf Simons

As we’re still rebounding from the shock of Raf Simons’s departure from the fabled French house after three and a half years and 20 breathtaking collections, his sharp tailoring and execution will be sorely missed, along with his signature feminine aesthetic that always imbues a touch of modernity. It’s safe to say that he had propelled Dior to dizzying new heights within the fashion sphere, from delivering the unexpected (bold colour combinations, short jacquard dresses over pants, “couture” sneakers that were covered in beads) to exploring the new while retaining the house’s legacy (the reworked fitted Bar jacket, the comma heel, and gowns with 18th-century pannier silhouettes). 

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