Sky-high thigh-high boots

Channeling your inner Vivian Ward


By Wei Yeen Loh

Sky-high thigh-high boots

Fun fact: did you know that leather laced-up thigh-high boots used to be deemed fashionable by women of the late Victorian era in the 19th century? Thigh-high boots have always been labeled scandalously, but ever since Julia Robert’s character Vivian Ward strutted down the street in patent leather thigh-highs in the movie Pretty Woman, these shoes was reinvented to something else other than typical classifications as stripper or fetishism shoes.

Fast forward to present times, A/W 2015 saw various reinterpretations of the boot: Emilio Pucci had zodiac-embroidered midnight blue suede boots; Dior went for the molten look with patent leather boots with a perspex heel; and couture shoe designer Stuart Weitzman’s extension of the iconic Highland stretch suede boots (the Allegs, now available in ultrastretch)—embraces the natural contours of the leg while grazing the upper thigh.

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