10 Pearl-embellished picks to jazz up your party ensemble

Pearl jam


By Wei Yeen Loh

10 Pearl-embellished picks to jazz up your party ensemble

If you shy away from sequins, feathers, and diamanté details in your closet in fear of resembling a walking Christmas tree, here’s an idea on how you can still adhere to the festive dress code at the slew of parties you’ll be hitting this month — go with one of the most iconic embellishments, pearls! One of our favourite adornments on clothes and accessories, pearls have this unquestionable ability to elevate any outfit effortlessly. No one can accuse you of overkilling the fashion game as it’s one of the classiest details to sport on your getup — think Jackie Kennedy’s triple-strand faux pearl necklace and even Princess Diana’s pearl-encrusted ‘Elvis’ dress that she donned on a tour in Hong Kong circa 1989. A good tip is to not pile on the bling from head-to-toe. If your statement-making pick is a metal-finish pearl necklace (like the Balenciaga one below), refrain from wearing a pearl-embellished jacket or dress lest you detract attention from it.


For those who aim to slay, Dries Van Noten’s decadent-looking dress that’s dripping in faux pearls couldn’t be more perfect for your belle-of-the-ball ensemble; and who says heels are mandatory for any party hasn’t seen Miu Miu’s luxe velvety slippers cloaked in chunky pearls of various sizes. Shop your way below for an OOTD-worthy look:

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