Hot right now: 8 Eyewear trends you should be taking notes of this season


By Nathanael Hsieh

Hot right now: 8 Eyewear trends you should be taking notes of this season

Give a girl the right glasses, and she can conquer the world—or so we’d like to think. While you may think that eyewear doesn’t play a significant role when it comes to styling, a good pair frames your face and lends you extra style points. Below is a mixture of classic and new trends that are in style right now—there’s definitely something for you regardless of your style.



The tiny sunglasses trend is over (for now), but the cat-eye shape is still going strong. This season, the shades are reintroduced in an array of tortoise-shell prints, angular edges and touches of embellishment.

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Futuristic shield

Sport sunglasses were one of the most notable eyewear trends last year, but this year, the frames are taking a futuristic approach with Sci-Fi-inspired shapes. Givenchy and Fendi’s science lab-meets-ski holiday sunnies are given that luxe factor with the extra bling.

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Colour play

Wanna add a pop of colour to your monochrome wardrobe? These coloured lenses are possibly the easiest way to do it. Take your pick from the choices available, from pink to yellow to burgundy. We have our eyes on Fendi’s two-tone sunnies.

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Logomania has proven it’s here to stay. But instead of having the logos emblazoned on the frames, the brands are plastering it onto the lens for maximum impact. If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

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Be square


If you hadn’t noticed yet, bigger and bolder is the way to go when it comes to the frames this year. Take a style cue from Paris Hilton’s ’00s style with these oversized square sunnies that’ll shade your peepers and more.

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Angular shapes

If you’re looking for something that bit more special, these sunnies in interesting shapes are made for you. Whether it’s the butterfly-inspired shape from Valentino or the mask-like piece from Gucci, they’ll lend you a statement-making finish.

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Minimalistic metals

Metal frames have always been around, but this season, ’70s-inspired silhouette is making a comeback. What’s new this round is the thinner and sleeker metal frames that are ultra-lightweight.If the preppy-chic look is what you’re going, this is the perfect pick.

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Classic tortoise-shell

If you’re looking for a pair that will last you through the years (and trends)? Look no further as tortoiseshell frames—which have been around since the early ’20s—continue to reign. The colours, for one, are versatile as they suit any type of skin and hair tones. The wayfarer shape is fail-proof.

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