10 Things to add to your shopping cart guaranteed to put a smile on your face

10 Things to add to your shopping cart guaranteed to put a smile on your face

Instant mood lifters

Text: Stephanie Boey

Need a pick-me-up? These cheerful fashion picks will lift your spirits

The clothes you put on your back have the magical ability of expressing your personality, lifting your spirits and setting your mood for the rest of the day. The language of fashion differs from one person to the next depending on their individual sense of style but with one common aim - wearing what makes us feel good. 'Look good, feel good' may sound like a tried trope but it is inadvertently true. Yes, looking and feeling confident comes from within, but sometimes us mere mortals need a little help - and that's where the power of clothes and accessories come in. Need an instant mood lifter? Here are the three rules we live by:

1. Gravitate to bold and bright colours if you're feeling blue

It's hard to be moody when you're in a cheery colour palette. Look to warm tones such as Roxanne Assoulin's multihue enamel bracelets  for a hint of gleeful optimism. But if you looking to make a bigger statement, trust the strength of a golden satin shirt to turn heads.

2. Feed into nostalgia with iconic throwback moments
Rewind the clock and reminisce to a time when things were much simpler. Coach rides on the sentimentality of yesteryear with a memory-inducing collection with Disney. Expect to find your favourite cartoon characters emblazoned on t-shirts, hoodies, bags and accessories. The oversized hoodie with kittens Toulouse, Marie and Berlioz from The Aristocats wins our hearts.

3. Show off your humorous side with playful elements

Shred the seriousness for a day and turn up the kitsch! Amusing statement pieces make great conversation starters, too. Plan to spend a day at the museum? Marni balances fine classical art with a (butt)cheeky collage printed on satin. Too much? Start small with anatomy that's less risqué - Anya Hindmarch's best-selling googly eye bag is too cute to resist.

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