Swarovski Sea of Sparkle is one divine collection in deep-sea hues

An aquatic charm


By Wei Yeen Loh

Swarovski Sea of Sparkle is one divine collection in deep-sea hues

Think of sparkling hues of turquoise and aquamarine and what else but calming oceanic waters come to mind? This season, Swarovski dives into the deep azure seas for inspiration behind the beautifully daring and vivid collection, resulting in a theme alluding to aquatic flora from starfish curls to shellfish shapes. Here are three of our favourites from this organic collection:

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An almost rustic touch to this collection is the Stardust and Slake bangles, reinterpreted this season in a braided, textured bracelet that can be stacked together for a whirl of colour. A key feature of the bracelet is the Slake Dot, a crystal cut in a new way for a dazzling effect.

The Eminence necklace is a visually-arresting piece that offers maximum impact, thanks to its stacked crystals set using the Pointiage technique. This bold piece is inspired by starfish, seahorse-inspired curls and shellfish, and is best worn against white to offset its ethereal tones.

Statement rings have been upgraded in this collection as well. The Euphory cocktail ring has a metallic underlay and shades of amethyst, emerald and satin-perfect for an evening out when you’re decked in all black and need a touch of colour to your ensemble.


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