Would you buy these RM1,260 denim panties from Y/Project?


By Joan Kong

Would you buy these RM1,260 denim panties from Y/Project?

From body modification jewellery to XXL Ugg boots, fashion has definitely seen a fair share of eyebrow-raising trends as of late. One of the most outrageous pieces that were really close to striking a nerve? The thong jeans, which are anything but functional (and stylish). Just when we thought we’ve seen them all, Parisian label Y/Project (which is also the brand behind the oversized Ugg boots) has released the—inhale—denim panties from its Spring/Summer 2019 collection, and naturally, the internet (including us) has a lot of questions. Youtuber Safiya Nygaard tweeted: “How do I feel about $300 denim panties, you ask? Well I’ll tell you how I feel. Utterly and thoroughly chafed.” That’s a valid point.

Described as a “denim brief-style shorts” by the online retailer, Ssense, the mid-waisted piece comes with three pockets, belt loops at the waist and complete with copper-tone hardware. Comfort aside, at least it has the functionality down pat? We’re still not convinced by the trend, but as the launch is just in time for the festival season (Coachella is happening next week), who knows? It may be a surprise hit. After all, Balenciaga’s platform Crocs did sell out before they were even released last year.


Would you buy these Y/Project denim panties that cost RM1,260?

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