Watch: Prada’s new short film ‘Past Forward’ by David O. Russell



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Watch: Prada’s new short film ‘Past Forward’ by David O. Russell

There was a time when Miuccia Prada challenged David O. Russell to “make a work of cinema, like a dream, fueled by strange mystery, suspense, fear, danger, beauty, conflict, romance, love, identity, and time.” The result is a black-and-white silent film with a star-studded cast including Allison Williams, Freida Pinto, Kuoth Wiel and Sacha Baron Cohen, just to name a few. “Here was the opportunity to make a journey guided by layers of movie memories, life images and emotions, with no aim except to create art as if it were a painting or a sculpture free from normal narrative or audience expectations. The cast and I worked simply for the joy of making art”, the Silver Linings Playbook and American Hustle director explains. 

The dreamy, non-linear story centers around three women who appear to be portraying the same role. With classic score that includes Bernard Herrmann’s North by Northwest and Vertigo, and breathtaking costumes by Prada, feast your eyes on the cinematic short:


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