This Malaysian brand repurposes vintage tea towels into beautiful upcycled kimonos


By Stephanie Boey

This Malaysian brand repurposes vintage tea towels into beautiful upcycled kimonos

Living a sustainably fashionable life need not be difficult. It can be as easy as supporting local brands and wearing upcycling clothes. Moving towards a greener future is local brand Kanoe with their latest collection of vivid coloured kimonos made from repurposed fabrics.

Each kimono is one-of-a-kind and and is made from vintage tea towels sourced from around Europe, The U.S, New Zealand and Australia. The linen and cotton fabrics display beautifully hand drawn illustrations with celebratory tokens that are unique to its country of origin, from old English cottages, adorable koalas and even Paella recipes. Playful and kitschy, it’s the perfect addition to throw on during casual days to up the quirk factor. A single kimono can take up to three vintage tea towels, and are pieced and sewn together to form a patchwork garment that transcends time and cultures.

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“Sustainable fashion is all about longevity. It is about creating garments that are kind to the environment and people with a good lasting impact. It is actually amazing how with creativity and imagination we can take something of old and breath new life into them.”, says Kanoe founder, Noelle Kan.

Each kimono carries a piece of history while making a strong fashion statement with its brightly coloured prints. As they are vintage, every kimono is unique and one-of-a-kind while also carrying a piece of history and culture. If you’re looking to buy a new statement piece, head to Kanoe’s Instagram and slide into their DMs. The kimonos are free-sized and are priced at RM269.

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