Uniqlo and Lemaire

The power of simplicity


By Buro247

Uniqlo and Lemaire

The most wonderful thing about simple design is that there are no gimmicks or embellishments to disguise mistakes. Every part of the process must be exact and intentional and the simplest, most effective products are often the most difficult to achieve. When two brands who share the same ethos (although admittedly their costs lie in different ranges) come together to espouse these ideals, we can all breathe a collective sigh of contentment. Japanese ‘Life Wear’ brand, Uniqlo, creates easy wardrobe essentials that are surprisingly thoughtful in design and in make and are offered at very affordable price points. Lemaire is a fashion brand headed by design duo Christophe Lemaire and his partner in life and work, Sarah-Linh Tran (“We’re not a luxury brand; we do qualititative garments that last,” Lemaire explains), whose price points teeter towards a much higher end of the spectrum. ” Our philosophy is close to Uniqlo’s,” he continues. “Uniqlo is not trend-driven. Everything is about the product and technological innovations and their philosophy is strong and modern. It is a great opportunity for us to reach a much broader customer base.” We couldn’t be more thrilled.

Uniqlo and Lemaire is a study in relaxed elegance

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