Topshop’s Holiday 2016 campaign is fronted by a lineup of rising stars

Next year's It girls


By Wei Yeen Loh

Topshop’s Holiday 2016 campaign is fronted by a lineup of rising stars

Combine nine runway doyennes who are pretty much the young, upcoming faces that you’ll see in future fashion ad campaigns and decked them in fringe, forest green, and ruffles—and you’ll get Topshop’s Holiday 2016 campaign. This season, the British fashion retailer features emerging faces for its Holiday season, including Caitie Green, Cami Morrone, Damaris Goddrie, Jing Wen, Kiki Willems, Londone Myers, Lottie Moss, Marjan Jonkmn, and Stella Maxwell. 


“This season is about the individual spirit of a woman – she no longer wants to be part of a tribe, she has her own style,” says Topshop creative director Kate Phelan. “For the Holiday campaign I wanted a family of new faces that have a different type of beauty from one another. I don’t tend to match looks in an obvious way, I like to mix in unexpected elements and use the power of styling to draw out personalities.”

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Below, models Stella Maxwell, Lottie Moss, Londone Myers, Kiki Willems, and Marjan Jonkman share snippets of their favourite holiday memories along with their ideal holiday getaway:

What’s a traditional Holiday season for you?

Stella Maxwell: I usually go home for the Holidays to be with my family. It’s very traditional; my parents live in Belfast so I’ll fly back there. Because I travel so much it’s nice to be home anyway. I still get a buzz from getting presents and still like to get up early on the morning of.

Lottie Moss: We rotate them – so some years we’ll go to my mum’s family in Norway, which is more of a ski holiday. It’s cross-country skiing, so you just ski by yourself, which is really nice. It’s really cold and feels like Christmas. Other years, we’ll stay here and go to my dad’s family’s. Do you know how Christmas has smells? We always have that – it’s almost woody, and that smell is Christmas for me.


If you could spend the holidays anywhere in the world where would it be?

Londone Myers: I think the holidays should be [spent] at home – I don’t really like the idea of travelling around that time.

Marjan Jonkman: I’d love to go to a warm island – I don’t like the cold weather at all – but I really appreciate my hometown now that I travel so much. It’s boring but it’s actually really beautiful. I’m from a northern province called Friesland, and I understand the local language, Frisian, which many people no longer speak; even other Danish people don’t understand it. In New York, I’m living with my Dutch friends and they don’t understand when I speak to my family on FaceTime. It’s really weird!


Do you have a favourite holiday season memory?

Kiki Willems: My memories about the holidays are always about spending time with family – going for a walk, and playing board games, and eating! We had duck for Christmas Day last year; we always have something different every year. Mum doesn’t make standard things, and she’ll always make crazy things like chicken apple pie… with curry! It’s so good.

Marjan Jonkman: Not really. We are always at home, so just spending time at home would be my favourite memory. We always go to church on Christmas Eve. I love church; I think it’s really fun.


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