Tiffany & Co. paints New York City blue

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By Buro247

Tiffany & Co. paints New York City blue

In conjunction with the launch of its latest campaign, “Believe in Dreams”, Tiffany & Co. is giving New York City the Tiffany Blue treatment, adding jolts of unexpected joy to the streets. Revealed on 1 May 2018, and lasting only until 4 May 2018, coffee carts in robin’s egg blue are serving complimentary special brews and croissants around town, while the city’s iconic yellow taxis have also been transformed, taking on the brand’s signature hue. To mark the Chief Artistic Officer Reed Krakoff’s debut jewellery collection for the brand called ‘Paper Flowers’, a number of bodegas from Prince Street to 57th street are adorned with buckets of paper flowers, handmade by Tiffany & Co.’s own creative team.


If you’re in the city, keep a lookout for the BMX bikers and skateboarders who will be staging freestyle tricks, and take the subway where select stations are dispensing limited-edition Tiffany & Co. MetroCards that’ll make your train ride memorable.

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Aside from that, the famous Atlas clock at Tiffany & Co.’s Fifth Avenue flagship store has also been transformed into a digital screen, airing behind-the-scenes footage and vignettes from the campaign film. Tune in to Tiffany & Co.’s Facebook page at 9am local time on 4 May 2018, to watch a special performance live from its Fifth Avenue Flagship store.

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