The remarkable ease of Chanel’s two-tone slingback

One shoe to rule them all


By Buro247

The remarkable ease of Chanel’s two-tone slingback

The difficulty of extensive choice is having to question if the decision you’ve made is the most correct one. We’ve all been there—rushing out the door, already late and then all of a sudden, you aren’t sure if the shoes you’ve picked are right for the clothes you’ve got on. Life is hard and while we agree that having a well-stocked shoe closet is essential, there will be times when you’ll want to have important decisions made for you. As with anything designed by Coco Chanel herself, the classic pump in beige with it’s iconic black captoe is the ultimate no-brainer. It has been a staple of the house since it was brought to life in 1957 and has undergone face lifts and re-designs and has been translated into espadrilles, riding boots and ballerinas but its core elements have remained true to Chanel’s intentions: to be a shoe for every occasion.

The two-tone was a major component of Chanel's A/W'15 show

For A/W’15, Karl Lagerfeld  used it as the only shoe for all 97 looks of the collection. Dresses, trousers, three piece suits and evening gowns were all paired with the timeless shoe, demonstrating the versatility of the iconic two-tone slingback. So the next time you’re dashing out the  door with not a moment to spare on agonising over which shoe to pick, you’ll reach for the Chanel, of course. Watch how the shoe is crafted here:

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